Růženka (Rosalie) is a keeper from our second litter. As usual, we kept the most wild puppy. When she is adult one day, she could be as nice and calm character as her mom Minion.

Růženka is leggy tall blond girl – leggy a tall after dad, blondie after mom. She is deeply pigmented, deep chested girl with a nice fine head. She doesn’t carry brown gene. She is a nice mover, we have to work a little bit on the body muscles.

She is a sleuthhound, with relatively well developed hunting insticts after her mom so we have deal with it somehow. She loves a forest walking where she is always looking forward to come.

Růženka has an endless appetite and conscience after her grandmother Maja. She can (and will) eat anything in her reach that is not hidden properly by us.

We don’t hurry, according to COVID we haven’t started her show carrier yet.