Tess’ been my first own dog. She was bought for me by my (in that time future) husband. I wanted to have yorkshire a lot, that time I didn’t know that yorkshire are realy pure terriers. But I love her for who she is. Tess will never be used in for breeding, she is our companion dog.

Tess is actualy the oldest member of our dog pack, she is the smallest one and finally the biggest boss of all of them (and us). She has always the last word, both in canine and human society. Just terrier.

My husband often says she completely resembles to me – she gets angry easily, she is very stubborn and everything must be done her way, otherwise it is bad.

She loves her human family, cats and a million of her toys. She know all the toys by it’s names and loves to bring them on demand. More it beeps, the best.