Anniversary litter 4 years old

As usual…I’m a little bit late with updates 🐌… There are recent photos from our Anniversary litter I’ve received from the owners recently (more correctly this year 😂). Anniversary puppies’ve celebrated their 4th birthday this year🎂. I would like to say huge thank you to their owners for taking such good care to their four-leg-🐩-partners.13

Toník (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades)


Goldík (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades)

Pamino (ANNIVERSARY RUBY Ambershades)

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades)

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades)

A nakonec naše Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades)

January News

Spulka lookout tower

On the New Year’s day, we changed our regular plan and instead of Krasna Hora we made a trip to Spulka lookout tower. Despide the muddy route, we had nice time.

Nürnberg CACIB

On the second January Saturday, we travelled to Germany, where the Nürnberg CACIB took place. The poodles were judged  by Mr. Kay Smulczynski. Minon was entered in champion class and awarded excellent 1, CAC-DPK, res. CAC-VDH (after a champion) so we finally finished German Champion. The German champion is generally very hard to get, we did it with 7 CAC certificates 🙂


I’ve had some days off on the third January week, so we could make a plenty of walks out 🙂

Visiting Tony

Due to my holidays, I finally had time to make a visit of our “little” Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) in z Hauserova království kennel. He’s exactly the some lover as his brother Diamond is and very resembles to his dad Charlie. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any nice pic due to the new smartphone, but I made a funny animation from my attempts 🙂

Anniversary litter 14 months

This time last year our Anniversary babies started to leave for new homes. There are some new pictures from some of them.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) enjoys the summer outside with his friend Zorba. They look very happy both of them.

Ms. Mini (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) got trough her first heat. She tries to look more adult, but its just a mask. She is still a crazy crossbreed of cangaroo.

Also Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) shows a cangaroo genes are very strong. It’s funny how I can see in him both of the parents half-and-half. On other siblings I usually see they resemble more just to one of the parents.

Anniversary litter 11 months old

Better later than never – we bring the news from the 11th month of life of our beautiful Anniversary “puppies”.

Sunny sends greetings from Germany (ANNIVERSARY CRYSTAL Ambershades). What a cute young girl!

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) succeed on 21/5 at poodle specialty at Hluboká nad Vltavou. For the first time in the junior class won Best junior male. He also succeed at other poodle specialty in Kolesa on 4/6, where me, Minion, China and Diamond visited him. That time Tony won his first CAJC and BOS. Big congratulations!

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) sent us the greetings from Austria. He is a great family dog, spending a lot of time on walk with his ownerlady and a friend Zorba.

I had an oportunity to take care of China and Diamond for almost a month. It was sometimes a hard deal (with 4 standards and other 2 small dogs), but I must say we’ve enjoyed that. Both of them are honey bears and sweet characters.

Succesful weekend of the blond Anniversary sisters

This weekend was very succesful for our blond ANNIVERSARY blond sisters – China and Minion. The photo documentation is in process, just few pics by now and some more will be hopefully added later.

On Saturday, China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) was entered in the poodle specialty (first show ever for China either her ownerlady and a little ownerlady in the competition “Child and a dog”). In the youth class won Ex. 1, CAJC and Junior club winner with a very nice critique from Ms. Anna Törnlöv from Sweden. Also won the first prize in the “Child and a dog” competition. Thanks for the pictures to the owners and Teschiro kennel.

Minion had her day on Sunday being entered in the youth class in the Prague International dog show. She got Ex. 1, CAJC, BOJ and BOS and very nice critique from Mr. Nils-Arne Törnlöv from Sweden. His words warmed my heart (“I love this bitch, she will be BOB next year”). Wonderful pictures from Vendy Šlechtová.

We had two nice visitors – Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) and his owners and in the afternoon also China with her ownerlady. Big thanks for photo of Tony to Hana Kašparová.

Big thanks to everybody involved, we had a nice day 🙂

Tony and Minion at Advent clubshow

Tony and Minion met on the last show of this show season – clubshow in Prague (CZ). They’re judged by Mrs. Alena Košťálová. This time both in puppy class.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) in class very promissing 1, in the final competitions best puppy female of the show.

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) had a little bit difficult task – he had competion in class. Finally very promising 2. He is a real stream of energy, when we teach how to work with his energy, he will be great show dog.

Anniversary babies at Anniversary show

Sometimes, things take their own direction despite our plans. Sometimes it is good. I’ve entered Minion to Anniversary club show in Prague, but finally I had a different plan for this Sunday. Two day before the show date I was persuaded to change my mind and participate to support Minion’s brother Tony who was entered, and his owners. Thank to this change of plan Minion’s brought home a big cup and other prizes. Tony was also successfull, both of them received nice critiques.

The baby class was judged by Mrs. Naďa Klírová (CZ), the final competitions by her and Mr. Laurent Heinesche (LUX) and Mr. Jussi Liimatainen (FIN).

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) in baby class very promissing 1.

Tony is like a torpedo, he combines a show joy of his dad Charlie and an endless flow of energy of his mom Maja.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) in baby class very promissing 1. In the final competiotions Best female of baby class the best hope in show!

Minion definitely showed up her qualities, especially to people she was said to be short and fat of.

Both of them made me very proud and happy. They’ve great characters and are contactive and really happy buddies.

Tony and a first show

In mid-October me and Minon visited a clubshow in Kněževes to support Tony at his show debut in Kněževes (CZ). Judging was Mgr. Sabina Chiesa Folbrecht, A/BG.

In baby class, ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades was rewarded very promising and in the final competitions got best baby Kněževes 2015. Congratulations to Tony and his great owners!

Anniversary litter in new homes

I want to say thanks to the new puppy families for the care and for the pictures.


Lives in Germany, having a standard silver friend Armani and a lot of silver cat friends from the Silverblue Goblin Nebelungcattery.


Diamond is might still waiting for his new loving family, might has already found it. Anyway, he’s staying with our co-owner at the moment.


Woody lives in Austria with a miniature brown friend Zorba.


Lives in Germany with a lot of poodle friends.


Lives near by us, in the kennel z Hauserova království.


Stays home. One spoo in never enought, neither two or three…


Goldie lives in northern Bohemia and is a gardener. Sends us photo updates regularly.


China lives near by us in Prague. She will visit us now and then for the grooming.

I must say my big thanks to friend of my Lucie Vynikalová from Hoity Toity Gang kennel. Simply for everything. I’m glad to be your friend!

Also big thanks to Outi Tenho from Oldhouse kennel. Our plan ultimately failed, but I thank her for giving me the opportunity a and for all the consultations. I’m happy to have met a person with a similiar view on apricots, as I am.

And finally, my big ackoledgement to Lotta Holmberg from Foster’s kennel, Maja’s breeder. For the patience with me as your puppy buyer, for the trust with giving me Maja and for all the good advices.