Dorn method for dogs course

I participated a Dorn method for dogs course held in Prague between 23rd and 25th October 2015. The course was Organized by Andrea and Martin Duna who developed this method for animals.

On Friday evening, the first day of the course, we got to know the Dorn therapy and we tried to find some bones and palpation on each other.

On Saturday and Sunday the course took whole day. On Saturday we started with forenoon anatomy theory block. Due to fact I passed an anatomy degree examination this spring I’ve had  this problematic still in head. After the noon we started a practical part – work with quarters. On Sunday morning we repeated the work with quarters and continued with spine. Before we got our certificates, we also saw a work of cupping.


My partner for the course was very patient Donatello. The pictures from the course are here.

My participation on this course was kind of coincidence due to Tess’ paralysis this June. I would never imagine I could be so passionated for this kind of activity. After three days of this course I’m decided to contiue in developing my skill in this way and I want to practice the Dorn method in future. Tess will go to more skilled therapeutist’s hands as I as a beginner can only work with healthy dogs as prevention. We are only waiting for her x-rays to be delivered.

At the moment I’m an absolvent of the basic course and I need to practice and practice and practice what I will do with our five healthy dogs and other people interested.

In the spring I plan to attend a practical seminar and I would like to continue towards to be the recommended therapeutist.

Tony and a first show

In mid-October me and Minon visited a clubshow in Kněževes to support Tony at his show debut in Kněževes (CZ). Judging was Mgr. Sabina Chiesa Folbrecht, A/BG.

In baby class, ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades was rewarded very promising and in the final competitions got best baby Kněževes 2015. Congratulations to Tony and his great owners!

Anniversary litter in new homes

I want to say thanks to the new puppy families for the care and for the pictures.


Lives in Germany, having a standard silver friend Armani and a lot of silver cat friends from the Silverblue Goblin Nebelungcattery.


Diamond is might still waiting for his new loving family, might has already found it. Anyway, he’s staying with our co-owner at the moment.


Woody lives in Austria with a miniature brown friend Zorba.


Lives in Germany with a lot of poodle friends.


Lives near by us, in the kennel z Hauserova království.


Stays home. One spoo in never enought, neither two or three…


Goldie lives in northern Bohemia and is a gardener. Sends us photo updates regularly.


China lives near by us in Prague. She will visit us now and then for the grooming.

I must say my big thanks to friend of my Lucie Vynikalová from Hoity Toity Gang kennel. Simply for everything. I’m glad to be your friend!

Also big thanks to Outi Tenho from Oldhouse kennel. Our plan ultimately failed, but I thank her for giving me the opportunity a and for all the consultations. I’m happy to have met a person with a similiar view on apricots, as I am.

And finally, my big ackoledgement to Lotta Holmberg from Foster’s kennel, Maja’s breeder. For the patience with me as your puppy buyer, for the trust with giving me Maja and for all the good advices.