Succesful weekend of the blond Anniversary sisters

This weekend was very succesful for our blond ANNIVERSARY blond sisters – China and Minion. The photo documentation is in process, just few pics by now and some more will be hopefully added later.

On Saturday, China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) was entered in the poodle specialty (first show ever for China either her ownerlady and a little ownerlady in the competition “Child and a dog”). In the youth class won Ex. 1, CAJC and Junior club winner with a very nice critique from Ms. Anna Törnlöv from Sweden. Also won the first prize in the “Child and a dog” competition. Thanks for the pictures to the owners and Teschiro kennel.

Minion had her day on Sunday being entered in the youth class in the Prague International dog show. She got Ex. 1, CAJC, BOJ and BOS and very nice critique from Mr. Nils-Arne Törnlöv from Sweden. His words warmed my heart (“I love this bitch, she will be BOB next year”). Wonderful pictures from Vendy Šlechtová.

We had two nice visitors – Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) and his owners and in the afternoon also China with her ownerlady. Big thanks for photo of Tony to Hana Kašparová.

Big thanks to everybody involved, we had a nice day 🙂

Minion in the youth class for the first time

Minion was entered a Prague clubshow on March 13, for the first time in youth class. The poodles were judged by Ms. Petroula – Effrossyni Richard Douma from France.

Minion became excellent 2 with a very nice critique:

Feminine head, small dark eye, compact type, very nice topline, correct tail set and carriage, excellent angullation, coat bit soft, nice apricot colour.

Clubshow Stodůlky (CZ)

On last October Saturday we went with Maja to small clubshow held in Prague-Stodůlky. There were about sixty poodles and there was also held club show of Maltese dog.

Maja at her 15 months participated for the first time togehter with adults in the intermediate class. She won her first adult CAC, adult club winner and adult BOB. Nothing for being too proud, winning it without competition…

I very appreciate the judge opinion of Galina Zhuk, the breed specialist and also the breeder of apricot standards.

Please apologize the phone quality photos, I will try to get some nicer pics from club photographer.

Summer clubshow Konopiště (CZ)

I remember to see the paper with the judge opinion everywhere at home some time ago. As always, actualy I can’t find it anywhere, so I really can’t say what was it about. Sorry.

There was said some note about Maja’s coat colour. I just may repeat as always that I deny to colour my dogs, I never did and I will never do!

Maja under Czech judge Ms. Olga Dolejší in junior class got note excellent.

Colour Clubshow Konopiště (CZ)

This clubshow at Konopiště castle was the longest show I’ve ever participated. We are happy to live only 7 kms from here. Despite of this we arrived home at half past seven PM.

The show was judged by Axel and Angelika Rudolph from germany, subsequently in one ring, so this was probably the reason of the delay.

Maja got in junior class Ex. 1 and second junior cercificate.

Slovakian show weekend

We spent fenomenal family weekend in Slovakian Camp Area Kamenny mlyn – me, my husband, mom and brother and all our four dogs.

On saturday Club show under respected breed specialist Philip Langdon from Britain Charlie got VG (he really showed nothing for receiving better evaluation, I was said for taking him there with his actual form, but it happens).

Maja has presented herself well as always, in junior class winning Ex. 1, CAJC and Primus Junior title.

On Sunday there took place Poodle specialty judged by Austrian Otto Krcal.

The biggest surprise of the day was when Charlie decided to participate almost a little his last show and finaly was able to win the class with CAC and finish Slovakian beauty championship! I even haven’t dare to hope in it!

For Charlie this was deffinitevely his last show until he feels better. He is pretty tired after three full show seasons.

Maja got on Sunday Charlie’s role, getting her first VG :). We are not sad or angry, she has a lot of beautiful things ahead.

We all – both dogs and family enjoyed this pleasant summer hot weekend in Slovakia.

Spring clubshow Prague (CZ)

Our last training clubshow before WDS. Charlie really not looks to be in the best condition, we will see how this happens in 14 days in Budapest.

Charlie showed enough to win champion class with Ex. 1 and CAC.

Maja had other excellent show day, for the first time in junior class at the age of 9 months won Ex. 1, her first CAJC and she crowned it with Junior Club winner and in the finals she became 3rd best junior female all sizes and colours!

Crown ceremony clubshow Praha (CZ)

This time we went to train showing only with Maja. We partidipated clubshow in Prague.

Maja in puppy class got VP1 and in the afternoon competitions became best Puppy female. I love her!

New Year’s Club Show Středokluky (CZ)

Judge: Zuzana Větvinská-Vršecká

Charlie in champion class got Ex. 1, club-CC

Our little Maja passed throuht her show ring debut at this club show, winning in baby class VP1 and finally best baby of the show and brought home her first show cup!!!