All the puppies got new home.

June 9 2015 were born gorgeous 8 fawn standard poodle puppies (fawn colour in a new name for former apricots and reds). Three girls and five boys. The pups were born the day of the 20th wedding anniversary of my parents that is the reason for their anniversary names.

Proud parents:

Charlie (MultiCH. IntCH. Caracal Very-Merry)      Maja (CH. Foster’s Marchioness-Amber)


Boy – red ribbon – ANNIVERSARY RUBY ♂ (in new home)

Boy – pink ribbon – ANNIVERSARY DIAMOND ♂ (in new home)

Boy – turquoise ribbon – ANNIVERSARY WOOD ♂ (in new home)

Girl – Green ribbon – ANNIVERSARY CRYSTAL ♀ (in new home)

Boy – bordeaux ribbon – ANNIVERSARY TIN ♂ (in new home)

Girl – melange ribbon – ANNIVERSARY PEARL ♀ (in new home)

Boy – tan ribbon – ANNIVERSARY GOLD ♂ (in new home)

Girl – orange ribbon – ANNIVERSARY CHINA ♀ (in new home)

Both parents are:

  • full teeth, correct height
  • Hips-A, patella free, eyes clear
  • Genetically tested for vWD, NEWS and colours.

Both parents have great characters and are nice family dogs. They were succesfull during their show carrier and enjoy hobby agility. They have whole year black pigmented noses, they don’t have brown gene.