Maja came to our family after very long search in autumn 2012. She is pretty wild girl owing to the black ancestors in the pedigree. It is well-known that poodles are inteligent, but Maja is twice smarter. She invents thing you even can’t imagine the dog is able to!

Maja has lovely and stabile character and she is always good tempered. In Foster’s kennel in Sweden, where is Maja from, they care a lot about breeding with emphasis on character.

Maja spends her days jumping in air, I’m often suspicious if she doesn’t have some kangaroo crossed in the Australian bloodlines that she has in both parental sides of the pedigree…

Maja has uncredibly thick and quality coat, she also has a good nose pigmentation. I think she will get dark skin also in progress.

Maja is co-owned with us, not living in the kennel but at co-owner’s house.


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*2015  “Anniversary litter”,  Ambershades kennel.