January News

Spulka lookout tower

On the New Year’s day, we changed our regular plan and instead of Krasna Hora we made a trip to Spulka lookout tower. Despide the muddy route, we had nice time.

Nürnberg CACIB

On the second January Saturday, we travelled to Germany, where the Nürnberg CACIB took place. The poodles were judged  by Mr. Kay Smulczynski. Minon was entered in champion class and awarded excellent 1, CAC-DPK, res. CAC-VDH (after a champion) so we finally finished German Champion. The German champion is generally very hard to get, we did it with 7 CAC certificates 🙂


I’ve had some days off on the third January week, so we could make a plenty of walks out 🙂

Visiting Tony

Due to my holidays, I finally had time to make a visit of our “little” Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) in z Hauserova království kennel. He’s exactly the some lover as his brother Diamond is and very resembles to his dad Charlie. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any nice pic due to the new smartphone, but I made a funny animation from my attempts 🙂

Wels in December

We’ve just completed our more than succesful show season in Wels, Austria, on December 2.

This year’s Wels CACIB has seem to be smaller than in the last years to us, but definitely it didn’t matter – more space around the rings, more space in the stall halls 🙂 For me there was a perfect linghtning – warm white light in which Minion has her own colour (doesn’t look like too light).

Minion was entered in the champion class and was excellent! She won Ex. 1, CACA, CACIB, best female and BOB under Ms. Iris Urschitz! I’m very proud that I can announce she became a new Champion of Austria and new interchampion (C. I. B.)! The best end of the show season ever!

World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig

General prove in Prague 5. 11.

The general prove at international show in Prague wasn’t excellent, just very good…We were a little bit surprised by a judge P. Richard who rewarded us twice excellent before, but not angry at all. We spent nice day with our dear friends both dog and human. An Minion was for me the nicest Barbie dog of the show!

World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig

I was planning to attend this dog show for a long time, but finally decided not to enter due to planned judge. About three days before the last entry deadline there happened a judge change due to the number of the dogs entered. For me it was a sign so I changed our show agenda for the rest of the year and entered Minion…

On Friday November 10 we started our trip for Leipzig very early morning. Realization team Me and Minior and Support team – our Mommy.

In a half a way my Mom asks me:

–  What is the show we are comming like?

– Mom, we are going for the WORLD DOG SHOW…!

– Allrigh, we haven’t been at the world dog show for a while … 😀 😀

About 5 kms before Leipzig it started to rain. We arrived in time so we parked near the hall and we were lucky to move to our place without the rain. Then it was pouring for whole day.

The atmosphere was wonderful…and the stress level just on one tenth as ususal…You usualy go to the world dog show just to show yourselves, not to place…

Minion in very hard competition won the open class fawn/silver bitches (in Germany this colours compete on the class level). For me totally wonderful, incredible…just the best! So officially, ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershadeds Ex. 1, CAC-VDH! Our ring was judged by Ms. Jadranka Mijatovic from Croatia.

Sorry for the pic quality, it was taken by a cracked len of my Moms cell phone (better said, by a bite len by our Diamond)

We walked the expo center area – BTW wery nice spaces – and led way  back home.

We just loades Mini in the car and it started to drip again. We loaded the rest of our baggage in the car and it started to pour. We managed to load everything just in time!

The route way home wasn’t fine at all – the traffic jam at the highway from Leipzig…and in Prague I guess there was a Martian landing at least…but we arrived safely after 4 hours driving..

We celebrated our big success just a little bit on the evening, we made a big muddy walk on the weekend.

Tulln 2017

We liked the last year show in Tulln. This year there appeared interesting names in the judge list for poodles, so me and Minion decided to go there. We were accompained by our Veronika who cares about our and our dog’s physical and mental health. The main goals of our trip was most of all having fun, getting some CACA certificates (as we don’t need any CACIB for the moment) and to purchase barbie pink rubber bands that we ran out of more than half a year ago and that I wasn’t able to get anywhere.

We started our trip on Saturday early morning, we arrived to the expo center about nine a. m. We were lucky to park relatively nearby our hall.

On Saturday, the poodles were judged by Mr. Klaus Strack from Germany. The judge was very thorough and was dictating very very long critiques (desgracially for us in German and hand written, so we are not able to read that and translate…). Minion was awarded Ex. 1, CACA in the champion class.

Some final grooming before the ring…

…and fill my pockets with dog treatment bisquits (with input quality check by Minion)…

Then we had to show us to the class judge…

A video from the class

And once more enter the ring for the CACIB competition…

Finally, the indian summer arrived and whole day was sunny. We were accommodated in Purkersdorf near Tulln. On a walk distance there were two Nature parks with animanls and a perfect hiking trail. So we spend whole afternoon outside walking in the nature and in the city.

We walked along the red tourist mark with beautifully prepared nature trail…

In the Naturpark there lives a whole wild boar family in very nice virgin-forest-looking exhibit, eating acorns…

As perfect three blondies, we tried to make a selfie on the top of the boar observatory. I must post all the three pictures, because we three aren’t able to agree on which one we look prettier 🙂

We continued walking from the park to the city center.

The second day the weather wasn’t as nice, but it still was good. On Sunday the poodles were judged by Hungarian judge, Ms. Monika Halmi. Even though the critique is in English, I wasn’t able decrypt all the hand written words – but from what I recognized the critique sounds pretty good. Minion got also Ex. 1, CACA from champion class on Sunday.

And for having fun – while you think you are photographed and you’re recorded…

We started our trip home at about half past two p. m. According the the traffic situation on the Czech side the GPS drove us trough district roads whole the way back home. We were lucky not to get stuck on the motorway and the route took us about just 30 minutes more than the usual way.

Second best female of poodle specialty for Minion

Rose Poodle SpecialtyRůžičková klubová výstava

On Sunday May 28 we’ve entered in a Prague poodle specialty. The weather forecast was predicting a tropical day and we had to spent whole day closed inside instead of being somewhere by the pool.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) was for the last time (and also probably for the first time 🙂 entered in the intermediate class. She was alone in the class and was rewarded by a judge Mr Mario Funk from Germany as excellent 1, CAC – this was the last certificate required for complete the Champion of the Czech republic. I’m happy to announce she’s also my first home-bred champion. In competition from the open class she finally got a Club Winner also! I’m very proud on my little girl. Pitures taken by Vendy.

We’ve made it through the hot afternoon and in the finals happened something really unexpected by me. Minion won the best standard female from all the colours and the second best female of the show from all sizes. Really uncredible success for me!

My biggest win of this day was keeping Minion in good mood until the finals and properly hydrated in this kind of wather  🙂

Breeding examination

Our blond youngsters Minion and Diamond passed their breeding examination by this speciality and they’re both aproved for breeding under FCI regulations.

Show weekend in Erfurt, Germany

On Friday May 5 we led to German Erfurt for National Show on Sunday and International Show on Saturday together with our friends Ruddie, Choco and Vendy.

We’ve been accomodated 10 minuts driving from the expo hall. The accomodation was very nice, in an extremely calm village. We missed a knive in the kitchent, but there were plenty of wine glasses 🙂

On Saturday there were entered about 2000 dogs in 10. Nationale Rassehunde Ausstellung. We had to wain in half an hour long entrance qeue that was a little bit unpleasand according to arrival “on time”.

On Saturday National dogshow the poodles were judged by a German judge Ms Doris Kühn. Only 49 poodles were entered. Our very nerd barbie girl Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) at 22 months of age got Excellent 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH and BOB and according to translator also very nice critique. In the finals we hadn’t placed. We vere pleased (and surprised) by a ribbon for the BOBs.

On Sunday, there were about 2300 dogs entered and we arrived a little bit earlier than a day before and have parked on better place with a good access even with the cages and no entrance queue. There were entered 80 poodles at Sunday15. Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung and theese were judged by Ms Carmen Fischer from Germany. Minion had another successful day and won Excellent 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH, CACIB and BOB!

Summarized, we had a nice trip and also brought home excellent results. We still have points to improve in our ring presentation, and we are working on them.

Minion in the age of 22 months has 4 big German CACs for the German champion (that is one of the difficult tittles in Europe). We’ve extended her BOB collection to number five and she also has 4 CACIBs. In comparison with her dad’s results we still have a way to go, but probably we never manage to be as successful due to our dogshow-dilatoy attitude 🙂

We had a nice time, the expo hall environment was fine, we appreciated wide selection of food offer – even though we ate a true hungarion langos for two days and theese we the best in my life 🙂

The weather was unexpectedly sunny both days, on Sunday 19 °C when we were leaven the expo. They route back home was a little bit complicated by two closures of the highway near Dresden and Usti nad Labem. But we managed it!

IDS Prague Spring 2017

UPDATED: added new barbie pictures from

This Spring’s Prague IDS was postponed by organizers into Easter holidays. We had no problem with this term, on the contrary we appreciated a Monday day off.

The poodles were judged by a breed specialist Ms. Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen from Jouet kennel in Denmark.

Minion was entered in the intermediate class and was awarded Ex. 1, CAC and reserve CACIB with a very nice critique. We enjoyed the show together with our friends.

There is one pic just few minutes before we entered the ring. Except Mini’s nice head I would like to draw attention to our brand new and very functional cage cover 🙂

A week before I spent some evenings with a sewing machine. As many things in life even the cover is not perfect, but I’m very happy to have it finished. The good point is that I might persuaded Minion that the cage is a perfect place to have some rest…

After the show, our skilled friend Vendy took another very nice barbie pictures. We had trained the show position on distance hardly a week before. The pink rubber bands were chosen carefully to fit perfectly with photoshooting outside decoration, of course 🙂

Coronation clubshow 2017

On Sunday March 12 me and Minion participated a Coronation clubshow in Prague (CZ). We spent a nice and even long day with our doggie and human friends. The greatest experience from whole day was without doubt a delivered pizza for together lunch. I really don’t understand why I didn’t think of it before 🙂

The clubshow was judged by Ms. Liane Kubbe from Germany from Ahornstreet kennel. I very appreciate when the judge in not “colour blind” and give a chance to modern colours – even if breeds blacks and whites. BTW the best in show winner was a silver standard.

There are few ring pics from Eva Mizerová:

You can see it is possible to show a poodle on a loose lead. Although FCI is last few years “promoting” reasonable showing (free stack and loose lead), the judges are still tolerating dogs being strangled on a show lead in movement)…(very sincerely I admit I also used to show like this before…)

There is a pic of very concentrated blondie

And finally a demonstration that the name of Minion is omen nomen actually (no, she is really not a medium :))

The only glitch is that because of time reasons we didn’t use a hairspray (I wouldn’t be able to bath her after the show).

And what about the results?

ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades in the age of 22 months, in intermediate class was rewarded excellent 1, CAC. In the finals in relatively huge competition (not sure exactly, due to show statistics there should be 8 bitches) Mini placed #3 best standard female of the show that made me really happy 🙂 We made a little progress in Minion’s “nerdness” and moved other step toward happy presentation, she even made few happy jumps 🙂 We manage to show a natural pleasure one day 🙂

And finally a pictures from final placement from Bára Brožková, huge thx! 🙂

CACIB Nürnberg 2017

We’ve just started a new show season 2017. On Saturday January 7 we made a trip to German Nürnberg for the international dogshow. The poodles were judged by Mr. Tomáš Kučera (CZ). Originaly I was hesitating to enter Minion there, but finally I’m glad I did. The trip to Germany was safe (exceptly 20 degrees under zero), the trip back home was a little bit snowy.

Minion did a perfect job and was moving very nicely. There were a silver competitor in the open class for the CAC DPK.

And a red competitor for the CACIB. ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades, in 19 months in open class won Ex. 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH, CACIB, Alpensieger and BOB! I’m happy over the moon and still cant believe that 🙂 (the ligthting in the hall was classicaly bad, so normally light Mini looks almost white)

We stayed for the final, but no placement there. Even in the late afternoon Minion showed herself very nicely.

There are some of my findings from the German shows:

  • if the catalogue says the judging ends at three p. m., you can get your papers really after 3 p. m., even if the judging in your ring ends at one p. m.
  • in case you win BOB, it may happen that you receive your papers in the main ring after your group is judged

October 2016

What were we doing in October?

We attended an international dogshow in Tulln in Austria.

Dog Insemination Seminar

In mid October I had an opportunity to attend a seminar about insemination in dogs. The seminar was composed of two blocks. The first was led by a vet Ms. Prinosilova and dealt with male reproduction and insemination. The second block was led by a vet Mr. Vitasek a dealt about the reproduction and insemination from the femaile point of view. I must say I really appreaciate the knowledge of both speakers who had really deep insight of their issues and this is what is always really fine to listen to.

Autumn arrived

Diamond came for his regular grooming visit, this time after very unregular period. Popular sibling’s garden running with Minion took place.

I took an autumn pic of Tess

…and of Donatello (his resemblance to Asterix’s and Obelix’s dog is just casual 🙂

We also got pictures of China on trip. It it sure that poodles are great outdoor dogs.

Two days with China

On the national holiday China came to visit us and also her teddy bear coat got a grooming. Before that the obligatory sibling’s running must have happen.

According to the dogshow next day it was neccesary to equip China properly for the evening walk in the rain 🙂

The next day (29/10) both girls were entered at international dogshow in Prague. The poodles were judged by a breed specialist from Belorussia, Ms. Galina Zhuk.

Minion in open class won the fist CAC for the Czech championships, the second CACIB for the international championship and BOS title. Really nice results for only 16 months of age and for still not showing herself as I know she could, but we are working on that.

China in junior class won excellent 1. This time without a title, but I appreciate she spent all the boring day on the dogshow feeling fine and not bored at all.

I had expected exactly contrary results, that confirms my actual life approach that I should stop thinking about things and let them flow…

Both girls made me really happy, they are super fine and cool 🙂 The picture of both of them together will arrive later (finally not only pictures of both girls together arrived, but a lot of other pictures of them alone. I added them to whole the post).

And for the end – one gorgeous portrait of China 🙂