Ambershades kennel was founded in 2013. Our aim is breeding standard poodles, primarily in apricot colour.

We are a family kennel with an ethical approach to breeding:

  • We do not produce a large number of puppies; our litters are very rare. Quality is important to us, not quantity.
  • We import high-quality individuals from abroad (Sweden, Finland, Poland) with the aim of minimizing relatedness and improving the conformation of this color variation of the Standard Poodle.
  • Our Poodles share their home with us throughout their entire lives; we do not dispose of old, sick, or unsuitable individuals for breeding purposes.

Our breeding plan is producing quality character dogs suitable for the life with family; improving apricot’s body and movement towards the modern type of poodles (but avoiding breeding over-angulated dogs with unhealtily neckset); and of course the health of the breed. We use quality foreign bloodlines in our breeding program.


Our dogs are true members of our family and they are living with us whole their life. Having a life dog partner is for us most important than show or sport success.

I’m a Cynology and a Special Animal Raising graduate at Czech University of Life Sciences. I focused on dog breeding genetics and dog’s nutriton during my studies there. Since then I’m trying to keep up with the latest knowledge in the dog breeding.

I take care both the show and home grooming of our dogs. I attended two grooming seminars and workhops (second puppy and continental clip) with Anders Rosell from Avatar Poodles.