Minion is a bitch we kept from our first breeding in 2015. She has quite “wild” temperament as her mother. She was the litter wildest puppy – started to leave the puppy pen climbing when she was seven weeks old, organizing exploring expeditions.

Minion has an extraordinary nice and stabile character. She is very tiny with elegant and modern body constitution after mom, but at the same time enough substance after dad. I still don’t dare to predict the colour. She has excelent pigmentation and is not carrying the brown gene.

She entered the show ring in big style in her puppy age winning the highest prices in her category. In her whole show career Minion won titles Czech, Austrian and German champion and also the International champion of beauty (C. I. B). On World Dog Show in Leipzig in 2017 she placed #1 open class bitches in tought competition that is our greatest show success ever.


We attended hobby lure coursing and agility trainings. We had to give it up after a bad knee injury and very complicated surgery of it. Now, she enjoys the forest and our garden and ballance exercising and she is more than happy.

Minion is the mother of our Bright litter. She enjoyed her maternity a lot, for me she was just unbelievable in the care of her pups.