Giant Mountains Trip 2021

We spent our vacations in the middle of August in Giant mountains together with our two poodle girls.

We made a stop at Kuks hospital herbal gardens on our route to the mountains.

Outside the gardens we had a coffee and lavender lemonade in stylish cafeteria Lavender Kuks.


We have booked via a dog-friendly apartment in Ski & Bike apartments in Svoboda na Úpou, ideal starting point for trips to surroundings.


To be honest, we are truly not experienced hikers, nor even high moutain hikers. Our trips were conceived for two of us non-hikers and Minion after a knee surgery. Some walking, morning coffee elsewhere, walking and some lunch in the afternoon.

Black mountain

On the first day we walked to near Janské Lázně (small town with spa and colonnade) that took about 20 minutes from our apartments, mostly plain.

We visited colonnade and climbed up for the cableway for the Black mountain. The dogs must were a muzzle and are for free 👍👍 The girls rode the cableway for the first time in life, suprisingly climbed in so quicky we almost couldn’t catch them up 😊

On the top of the Black mountain we stopped to have a coffee, enjoyed the landscape views and started to climb down. We made a stop at the treetops trail, but unfortunatelly dog are not allowed. But we would like to visit some day when we’re here without dogs.  Then we continued back for Janské Lázně and back to our apartments.


Žacléř, Stachlberg, Trutnov

This day we planned a little more culture. In the morning we drove to Žacléř. The route was truly full of serpentines. It truly wasn’t the best idea to give a breakfast to girls 🙈 We were to early here for lunch and it was pitty that the only cafeteria had exactly on this day closing day. We made a walk around the square, for the church. And then continued to other place driving.


Our next stop was fortress Stachlberg. Small and big bunkers, really nicely renovated. And a lookout tower Eliška.


There was a snack bar by the main fortress, so there was coffee and everyone of us was satisfied.

We continued for Trutnov where we made a walk around the square, the main promenade, we had a lunch. We made a long walk in the city park that was practicaly empty of peoply.


In the evening we made a smaller walk in Svoboda. There is a Lama park and a resting place with toadstool.


Hike for Rýchory cottage

For us non-hikers, this day was a biggest challenge. We had planned a circuit form Svoboda (from where every target place is up hill) for cottage of Rýchory and back. This trail is not a mainstream here, so we practically walked alone all the way up and down. Just on the top we met few tourists.


At the cottage, we had a coffee, enjoyed landscape views (it was realy nice here) and continued down for Horní Maršov, where we had a tasty lunch. After lunch we headed back to Svoboda and all of us fell of tiredness 🤣

Adršpach-Teplice rocks

Very originaly, this day had been conceived as a resting day for legs. Our plan was to enter Adršpach rocks from the other non-tourist side. We made a change and chose the third option. We parked in Teplice nad Metují and entered Teplice rocks. As we noticed in previous days that it is enough to get off the main tourist route to another tourist sign and there we usually go alone. So after the first few “Smetana with piano” and “horse heads” we turned to the yellow sign. True is that we went there almost alone, but it was everything, just not a relaxing route. We climbed rocks up and down 🙈, once we had to carry dogs on a ladder … But we evaluated it as a super adventure. What didn’t hurt us from our bodies before this trip, it began now. We just got pretty pretty ruined.

Sněžka mountain

Regard to the expected change of weather for the worse, we decided to make the trip to Sněžka (Czech highest mountain) on the last expected sunny day, when it was supposed we could see something from the top. In Svoboda we got on a bus (the two of us after about 15 years, girls for the very first time in their lives – but they have to learn that they can’t just ride in a Mercedes 🤣) and set off in the direction of Pec pod Sněžkou. In Pec, we went up the bus in the direction of the cablway. An obligatory morning coffee took place under the cableway station in the stand.


We pushed up to Sněžka by cableway (dogs with a nozzle and for a fee).

We were on Sněžka for the first time and it was amazing there. There were as many people like at Wenceslas Square in Prague, but thanks to the weather, the views worth it.

Then we set out for the descent into the valley through the Růžohorky. It was too hot (even on the top of Sněžka), heather was blooming beautifully everywhere.

We stopped at Děčín cottage for a little snack and continued down.


For the lunch we stopped in Portášky cottage. Then we returned back a little to change a tourist sign and since that we met nobody until Velká Úpa that was great for girls who could run on their own. In Velká Úpa we hopped on bus back for Svoboda.


Svoboda and Janské Lázně

The forecast for Monday was rainy for whole day. We originaly had planned a bigger hike from Black mountain to Luční cottage. But we gave it up according to forecast and also to tha fact Růženka slipped her front paw pads into the blood,

We therefore chose a shorter circuit between Svoboda and Janské Lázně, preferably without the asphalt (which is generally a bit of a problem here in the Giant Mountains). Since this never happened to me, we didn’t have dog shoes with us. But at this stage, they would probably be useless anyway. Provisorily I made boots from the self-holding bandage.


My naive idea was that they could last for halfway. She lost them after only about two kilometers 🙈 The lesson for me  is that next time we should have spare shoes with us for these cases and watch the paws more closely to put the boots on before the paws break into the blood.

In Janské Lázně we had a morning coffee with a cake and went back to Svoboda over the hill following the green tourist sign, nicely along the forest road. There was a nice nature trail for the children.

This time we did not reach Toadstool, but we turned towards Lama Park a little earlier. The forecast was changing from hour to hour since morning. So in the end, instead of a rainy day, it was quite warm all morning. In Svoboda, we managed to have lunch at the local burger house and it didn’t start raining until we arrived back at the our accommodation.

Leaving for home

On the return day, we finally had to choose a different program than planned. It has been raining since the morning, so we completely skipped the trip to the Dvůr Králové Zoo. Instead, we stopped for a short walk at the Kingdom Forest Dam. Miraculously, it didn’t rain for us there.


We really enjoyed the week in the Giant Mountains. We were not in a hurry, we really rested and walked. The weather was incredibly good for us. We only took long pants to Sněžka and evend there it wasn’t necessary. If we went a week later, it would probably be for a winter jacket 🤣

6th Birthday of Anniversary litter and 2nd of Bright litter

How the time flies! Our Anniversary litter celebrated their 6th birthday on beginning of June. There we got nice pictures from Woody’s holiday by the sea. He loves water and swimming a lot.


A week later our Bright litter celebrated their 2nd birthday. We hadn’t had any special party this time at home. But my mom wished to have a photoshooting session in the blossoming field of red clover. Such an idea! It was about 35°C in shade and two humans for 7 dogs – one holding leashes and the other one taking pictures 🙈 Disclamer: red clover stayed undamaged, we stepped just in the beginning of the field and only in a tractor tracks.



Greetings from Kiwi

Birthday wish from Sunny

And finally, the summer started. All the doges moved as usual in the shade under our wallnut tree. Minion and Růženka on the first pic, Karkulka on the second.


Wishing you all nice and calm summer! ☀

Autumn 2020


At the end of October I’ve started again working in homeoffice regime. I’ve hired two new work quality controllers – Minion and Tess💻

Girls and boys groomed

Even in autumn we did a lot of grooming. I’ve just didn’t take enogh pictures. Here we have Růženka, Minion, Maja, Jerry and Tess with Donatello. ✂✂


We did plenty of walks. This year there is a lot of mud everywhere, we would prefer less of it…

Never-ending-story of wooden spoons

At home we have a large consumption of wooden spoons. I always thought the younger ones copy it from the older ones. But when came a photo from Sunny, I realized that it must be a genetics issue as she has nobody at home to copy it from🙈


There are few pictures from our plain home activity


This is our girl’s window. It doesn’t make much sense to clean it as they make pictures on it with their vet noses all the time and they’re watching what’s happening outside.

Mata hari

Only our Maja manages to entagle herself in separating net in car on the way from vet’s to home…🙈

Good night wishes our Karkulka

First snow that lasted for three days only

Twisting llegs

We’re having fun with ownerladies of “by B-litter girls” taking pictures of how the girls are able to twist their legs 🤣 Sunny twice, Kiwi and Růženka. They’re from the same nest…

And in the end of this post I must say we are all looking forward to the winter solstice, when the days will slowly begin to lengthen again. So take care of yourself in this crazy time.

Summer 2020

We enjoyed this summer in calm and peace, mostly at home in our family circle.

Maja’s just celebrated her 8th birthday. She runs as puppy, despite her nutritional condition is more than affluent.

We spent a lot of time outside gardening, both flowers and vegetables


We did a little bit of grooming…we didn’t overdo it at all, we were missing people to do that


There is a nice pic of three generations of our standards. From left: Růženka, MajaCharlie and Minion. The girls look like being copied.

We didn’t forget to have chill and rest, of course.


Our most favourite and frequent activity was walking outside. The summer is a great period for walking.


The peak of whole summer was a meeting of our “expanded family” in Seč. We had such a great day with our friend and hope to repeat it on next year.


Despite it was a mid September, we had a wonderful summer weather. The girls could swim in the dam, Růženka for her first time.


Health testing Jerry and Růženka

On Tuesday, July 14, we went south with our youngsters to do a health testing to them. Early morning getting up was just so bad, but we brought home great results.

Jerry (Agidream’s YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL)

  • HD A
  • patella 0/0
  • Eyes clinicaly clear for hereditary eye disseases

Růženka (BRIGHT SHADE OF ROSE Ambershades)

  • HD A
  • patella 0/0
  • Eyes clinicaly clear for hereditary eye disseases

We brouht also Minion to have a fresh eye examination for her. At the clinic the vets rinsed her tear duct (that made problems for some time) and there was an aspen inside.

Spring 2020

Spring evening in our garden

Jerry came to get a haircut, so he and Růženka had their favourite running games

Růženka has a new haircut. This year, according to corona, it didn’t look like that there are any shows held and her plenty of hair and endless combing was a little too much for me … Don’t worry … before she goes somewhere to show herself, it’ll grow up …


Donatello did construction supervision


The girls celebrated their first birthday – this time we didn’t make any big party. I’ll fix it next year. One birthday animation.

Maja in summer clip (she’s not bored 🤣)


Růžena and Karkulka are experts in extreme sleep positions, so here are few of them

A new photo from Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades) has arrived. He’s on it with new friends.

Winter 19/20

There are few pictures from this winter, from the owners of our litters.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades)

Satana (BRIGHT SUNNY DAY Ambershades)

Kiwi (BRIGHT BROW STAR Ambershades)

Tom (BRIGHT MOONLIGHT Ambershades)

Obi (BRIGHT SHINE Ambershades)

Our own dogs

Tessinka 11 years

Donatello 10 years

Girls in the mountains




Anniversary litter 4 years old

As usual…I’m a little bit late with updates 🐌… There are recent photos from our Anniversary litter I’ve received from the owners recently (more correctly this year 😂). Anniversary puppies’ve celebrated their 4th birthday this year🎂. I would like to say huge thank you to their owners for taking such good care to their four-leg-🐩-partners.13

Toník (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades)


Goldík (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades)

Pamino (ANNIVERSARY RUBY Ambershades)

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades)

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades)

A nakonec naše Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades)

June 2019

First June day in our garden

Finally, after several days of cold and rain, the Sun appeared. It would be pitty if I hadn’t taken few pictures. Starring: Jerry, Minion, Donatello a Tessinka.

Maja arrived for grooming

I’m always looking forward to grooming Maja, usualy as she does. She loves all the procedures from bathing thru drying to grooming.

Litter A celebrated  4th birthday

We received nice pictures and a video from Woody (Anniversary Wood Ambershades)

Jerry representing on European dogshow

Jerry and his realization dream team (thank you Vendy, thank you Mom!) were brave enough to attend a European dogshow in Austrian Wels with temperatures reaching more than 35°C. Jerry brought home a VG from an intermediate class, but we’re contented with the result.

Seven puppies born on June 17

This will be the main topic for us for few upcoming weeks…hope not to annoy you too much. More information about litter B you can find here.