Caracal Very-Merry

*2009-†2022 Farley’s D Universal Soldier x Never the Last Le Papillon 7x CACIB 16x BOB INTCH SKCH HUCH MECH MKCH MDCH BalkanCH AZCH CYCH CZ-GRAND-CH CZCH CZ-JCH

Charlie is the first dog-male in our family. Until his arrival we used to live only with dog girls.

Charlie has really lovely quality character, the very stable one. He loves every person, dog and other animals. He loves water, swimming and long walks. He has perfect hunting instincts – helping us to catch our poultry on the run with no damage.

Charlie comes from darkening apricot lines. He started darkening aproximately at the age of 3. Now, at 4 and half, he has beautiful rich colour. He is supposed to continue darkening for some time, he probably could get his puppy shade of rich apricot colour back. I’m curious about it.

Charlie is excellently pigmented – having dark skin, lining, black nose and dark nail. This kind of pigmentation is actually rarely seen on apricots.

Charlie is approved stud dog FCI. He is 59 cm tall, weighting 23 kg, HD A, patella 0/0, eyes clear. Genetically tested for NEWS, vWD, colour traits (not carying the brown gene). Herpes virus blood test of the interested bitch required.

Charlie is co-owned with us, not living in the kennel but at co-owner’s house.


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*2015  “Anniversary litter”,  Ambershades kennel.