We are looking for forever loving homes for fawn standard poodle puppies poodle puppies (fawn colour is formerly know as apricot). Only boys are available for reservation. Puppies will be available for pickup in mid-December 2023. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. General information for interested puppy adopters can be found here.

On Sunday, October 8, 2023, our Růženka brought 8 ginger puppies into the world. In total, 5 boys and 3 girls. She deserves a bravery medal for the 12-hour delivery, and 4 of the puppies were even born outside in the garden in a towel. Both the mother and the puppies are doing well. It’s probably my liveliest litter so far. Weighing and taking pictures has been quite an experience from birth and requires a lot of patience.

Proud parents are:


Růženka (Bright Shade of Rose Ambershades)

Full-dentition, 60 cm, HD A, clean eye examination, from genetically tested parents (NEWS, vWD, DM, color locus B/B)


Mates (Maestro From the Drum Family)

Full-dentition, 61 cm, HD B, clean examination of hereditary eye disseases, from genetically tested parents (vWD, DM, color locus B/B)

Puppies’ pedigree:

COI Coefficient of Inbreeding 10 generations: 1,8%

% Wycliffe: 30,9%

% Mid-Century Bottleneck: 37,3%

% Old English Apricot lines: 22,5%

Blue ribbon Boy 🪐 Cosmic Stardust

Brown ribbon Boy 🪐 Cosmic Echo

Red ribbon Girl 🪐 Cosmic Nebula

Magenta ribbon Girl 🪐 Cosmic Blaze

Gray ribbon Boy 🪐 Cosmic Encounter

Emerald ribbon Boy 🪐 Cosmic Spark

Lila ribbon Girl 🪐 Cosmic Infinity

Turquoise ribbon Boy 🪐 Cosmic Drive