Minion in Tulln

Minion‘s started her adult show career on October 2 in Austrian Tulln at the internationa dogshow. Poodles were judged by a breed specialist Ms Lisbeth Mach from the Switzerland.

Mini was very cool and run up for CACA in the open class and in a very strong competition won res. CACIB! Great success in only 15 months!

And a critique (translated from German)

Ligter very feminine type, excellent tale, generally very elegant appearance according to the breed standard, presented great character, very refined head with a gentle expression, moderate reactions.

Succesful weekend of the blond Anniversary sisters

This weekend was very succesful for our blond ANNIVERSARY blond sisters – China and Minion. The photo documentation is in process, just few pics by now and some more will be hopefully added later.

On Saturday, China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) was entered in the poodle specialty (first show ever for China either her ownerlady and a little ownerlady in the competition “Child and a dog”). In the youth class won Ex. 1, CAJC and Junior club winner with a very nice critique from Ms. Anna Törnlöv from Sweden. Also won the first prize in the “Child and a dog” competition. Thanks for the pictures to the owners and Teschiro kennel.

Minion had her day on Sunday being entered in the youth class in the Prague International dog show. She got Ex. 1, CAJC, BOJ and BOS and very nice critique from Mr. Nils-Arne Törnlöv from Sweden. His words warmed my heart (“I love this bitch, she will be BOB next year”). Wonderful pictures from Vendy Šlechtová.

We had two nice visitors – Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) and his owners and in the afternoon also China with her ownerlady. Big thanks for photo of Tony to Hana Kašparová.

Big thanks to everybody involved, we had a nice day 🙂

Tony and a first show

In mid-October me and Minon visited a clubshow in Kněževes to support Tony at his show debut in Kněževes (CZ). Judging was Mgr. Sabina Chiesa Folbrecht, A/BG.

In baby class, ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades was rewarded very promising and in the final competitions got best baby Kněževes 2015. Congratulations to Tony and his great owners!

Regional Dogshow Džbán (CZ)

We attended a Regional Dogshow Džbán in Prague on 5th September with Charlie and Maja. The weather was warm and we enjoyed wonderful and calm sunny day.

The show was greatly organized, wonderful prices for the winners, fastfood and kiosk with dog supplies.

Both blondies compete in champion class under judge Alena Košťálová (CZ), both gaining the Regional Winner title and advanced to the afternoon competitions.

For the first (and probaby last) time were entered in competition of couples. It was great to try it!

In the final competition of the group IX FCI Maja was shortlisted which I consider a big succces for us.

Now, Charlie and Maja will have a show breat for some time and will devote to agility. You will see us (sporadicaly) in showrings with our youngsters.

DuoCacib Brno 2015

The first February Saturday me and Maja have participated an international dogshow in Brno. We didn’t need any title from this show, we just participated to have fun. Poodles were judged by Mr. Nikola Smolič from Croatia.


Champion class: Ex. 1, CAC, res. CACIB

IDS Mladá Boleslav (CZ) 2014

We had a nice day the last August Sunday with Maja at IDS Mladá Boleslav (CZ). The poodles were judged by a breed specialist Jaroslava Ovesná (CZ).

Maja showed herself perfectly and was commended by the judgge for the type, nice head, pigmentation, topline and neck-set with result Ex. 1 CAC, res. CACIB. I’m very happy!

And finally after more than two years of searching I managed to find suitable rubber bands for the home oil banding which are not bursting! Laineé wrap bands. Pink colour was a clear choice for a blondie 🙂

gumičky na natáčky Laineé 15mm 1000ks lze pořídit v e-shopech za cenu od (Zdroj:
Porovnat ceny >>


Spring 2014

It is long time ago we published some news for the last time. We’re interesting and active spring.

Maja is officially a brood bitch

In March we passed with Maja club breeding examination and Maja is officially a brood bitch. The same time she got into her first heat, now she is my big adult girl. If you are interested in Maja’s health testing results, you can find them here. Maja’s full set of teeth and she is 57 cm tall. During this year I’m planning to have the genetic testing for both standards done.

Agility and obedience trainings

We managed to find agility and basic obedience training nearby, so since April we are participating the courses. We have no sporting ambitions, it is rather our hobby. Despite our expectations the dog who fell absolutely in love with agility was Charlie. Maja started to enjoy the trainings just after we showed her the beam. Donatello and Tess also participated two lessons of agility with us and enjoyed it well.


This year we made a long show pause. First reason are our new sporting activities, second was Maja’s growing hair after Charlie’s grooming first experience in January. By the time the hair was almost grown up in May (and when I entered Maja for a show) Charlie tried his “grooming” skills again and ate her hair for the second time, this time only on one side. If everything goes well and I will be able to keep Maja’s ear hair long, the lack of hair could be hidden under the ear hair.

Last weekeng me and Charlie participated after a year pause small club show five minutes driving from home. Charlie was entered for the first time in the honour class winning Ex.1 and club-CC. This was a nice end to his succesfull show carrier. After arriving home I groomed him in terrier clip for enjoying more the garden, the agility and feeling better in summer.

Hope to update the blog sooner than the last time!

Clubshow Stodůlky (CZ)

On last October Saturday we went with Maja to small clubshow held in Prague-Stodůlky. There were about sixty poodles and there was also held club show of Maltese dog.

Maja at her 15 months participated for the first time togehter with adults in the intermediate class. She won her first adult CAC, adult club winner and adult BOB. Nothing for being too proud, winning it without competition…

I very appreciate the judge opinion of Galina Zhuk, the breed specialist and also the breeder of apricot standards.

Please apologize the phone quality photos, I will try to get some nicer pics from club photographer.

National dogshow Brno (CZ)

We had nice girl trip – me and Maja – to Brno national dogshow.

Under Hungarian judge Tarjan Annamária Maja got Ex. CAJC in junior class competition, then in competition also JBOB! She also finished Czech junior champion championship! I’m happy for us!

Summer clubshow Konopiště (CZ)

I remember to see the paper with the judge opinion everywhere at home some time ago. As always, actualy I can’t find it anywhere, so I really can’t say what was it about. Sorry.

There was said some note about Maja’s coat colour. I just may repeat as always that I deny to colour my dogs, I never did and I will never do!

Maja under Czech judge Ms. Olga Dolejší in junior class got note excellent.