June 2019

First June day in our garden

Finally, after several days of cold and rain, the Sun appeared. It would be pitty if I hadn’t taken few pictures. Starring: Jerry, Minion, Donatello a Tessinka.

Maja arrived for grooming

I’m always looking forward to grooming Maja, usualy as she does. She loves all the procedures from bathing thru drying to grooming.

Litter A celebrated  4th birthday

We received nice pictures and a video from Woody (Anniversary Wood Ambershades)

Jerry representing on European dogshow

Jerry and his realization dream team (thank you Vendy, thank you Mom!) were brave enough to attend a European dogshow in Austrian Wels with temperatures reaching more than 35°C. Jerry brought home a VG from an intermediate class, but we’re contented with the result.

Seven puppies born on June 17

This will be the main topic for us for few upcoming weeks…hope not to annoy you too much. More information about litter B you can find here.

May 2019

Dog pack together and a little bit of spring in garden

Just Jerry…His life is still one big game 🙂

BTW, in May it’s been a years since Jerry lives with us…He’s grown up…a little 😀

Daddy and his little girl – both interchampions and multichampions…Not important at all, they’re both very contented garden dogs.

Expecting puppies

Now it’s official. We are expecting puppies after mid-June. All the preparations are culminating, I’m getting nervous more and more. But despite of that we’re really looking forward to little minions <3

I came to visit Alex – the dad of the expected litter. I tried to make some nice pictures, but I made mostly just the funny ones 😀

May weather

The weather in May was really bad here…it was cold and rainy mostly all the month. It was almost impossible to spend some time outside 🙁

Ice hockey world championship

We’re supporting the Czech team at the hockey championship. I mean mostly…Donatello is just loyal to his origins 😀

Greetings from Goldie

Goldie (Anniversary Gold Ambershades) sent us new pictures and greetings. Thank you very much for it and for the care 🙂

That’s all from May, next post will be very probably about the puppies 🙂

December 2018

Trip to Prague CACIB

On the first December Sunday we made a trip to Prague CACIB show to show a big dogshow world to Jerry.

First of all, I had to bath and groom a hairy-monster adolescent not groomed for few months.

I was pretty contented with the result, considering Jerry’s back hair had about 5 cm before grooming 🙂


Since the last grooming Jerry matured and I must say he’s handsome boy 🙂

I’ve read a lot of hates for this autumn Prague show. The amount of people there was terrible as they made a one day show instead of two days. But Jerry was such a sweatheart! For the first time in this big world and did really well, I think even better than usualy Minion does, as she hates this kind of crowded places.

We were training

Very slightly…we strarted to train for the show ring 😀

Charlie in wellness

Charlie had a month wellness stay in our house. He had trouble with back pain due to his age and a former knee injury that hadn’t been excersized properly. Charlie was practicing hardly twice a day for gaining correct body musculature. In the end of his stay he had a manual therapy. Back home Charlie arrived moving freely and painlessly, thinner and generaly happier and at least five years mentally younger. Let’s see, how it develops in the future.

Jerry best junion male

On Sunday December 16 Jerry participated his first show ever. Trully historical moment. I’ve chosen one of my favourite clubshows – small Advent club specialty with great atmosphere.

Jerry is happy and funny adolescent, there’ll be a lot of work to make our show presentation perfect 🙂 Jerry baited me with ambling but also had nice rings troting properly. Finally was awarded with club junior CC from the class and #1 best junior male all sizes and colours from the finals. Poodles were judged by Ms Alena Kostalova.

Jerry was supported by his elder brother Hurmar and his ownerladies. We’re all pictured below.

We’re also pictured by a pro-photographer:

We really enjoyed this day, except a tragical experience in the hotel restaurant with an international impact. What a shame! The next time I will call for pizza delivery 🙂

I got wonderful christmas gift from our dear Finnish friends. Thank you very much, girls!


Our Christmas were very very typical. The girls had a fight right under the christmas tree because of one of the new toys. On the next day we left for some fresh air to the mountains. After couple of years (and even more) we had wonderful white chrismas holidays.

On the way for the mountains we made a stop for a walk and we climbed to ruins of some former fortress.

Cestou na hory jsme si dali venčící mezipřistání a vyšplhali na zbytky nějaké tvrze:

For the rest of the week, we had views like this one…

On every day we had at least one realy big walk trip.

Tess, being five week after the knee ligament surgery, had kind of saving mode. I must it was self-denial for her 🙂 My barking back pack made a lot of smile on other tourist faces 😀

The fresh air realy exhausts 🙂

We had such a nice time <3

The second half of our dog pack on the last day of December made a trip to watchtower Spulka.

November 2018

November has been a creative and also a walking month. Due to the winter time we mostly walk the dogs with a torch after the darkness falls, so during the weekends we did a daylight walks together with a rest of our dog and family pack.

MinionDonatello and Tess had to wait until I clean up our family pub. Then we could walk for the nature. There’s Maja on the second picture watching the village aslo from the pub.

Tessie with broken knee ligaments participated our walks being carried. Thank god she weights only 2,5 kg.

And the rest of them were walking on their own…

We also spent few November afternoons sewing new winter dog jackets, while the girls were wathing the village center from the window…

And there they are… Charlie and Minion in the new jackets. On the second picture there’s Jerry in his new dinosaurus jacket 😀

Mmy shades of amber …

After few months I couldn’t work I started to groom our pack. Finally also Charlie is handsome nicely smelling boy. I must admit he’s enjoing the stay in house a lot 🙂

Tessie’s crucial ligament surgery was postponed for one week later. On this picture she’s one day after the surgery and trying to be a boss of my office. Just typical Tess. In the beginning of December we have an appointment for the control x-ray and then we will have other one and a half moth of a restricted calm regime.

September 2018

Finnish visit

For a half of year Jerry’s elder brother Hurma and his ownerladies moved from Finland to Prague. We met for a walk at Vítkov memorial and looking forward to next walks together.


Jerry grew up in a big boy. He’s higher than Charlie is and weighting 26,5 kg.


Due to heat, we separated traditionaly our homes for girls and boys. Our girls watching the entrance gate.

And this way the’re watching in the living room.

And we also do a regular forest walks all together.


Maja enjoying last summer days in this year.

Maja is smiling this way everytime when she is in trouble (e. g. when she eats a content of the rubbish can).


Minion posing after being groomed after almost three months.

Jerry 15 weeks

Jerry went for a grooming, for the third time since he arrived from Finland. He surprised me being such a professional! He enjoyed all the procedure as a true standard poodle. He’s very charming young man.

se tady stavil na další, v pořadí už třetí, stříhání. Obrovsky mě překvapilo, jaký je to už pudlí profík, všechno zvládl bez mrknutí oka jako správný královák. Je to velice okouzlující mladý muž.

Jerry’s first month at home

You might have noticed it before. Our mostly veteran dog pack has a new addition – Jerry. It wasn’t easy at all with the name. I tried hardly to invent something nice before he came, but I won’t be able and otherwise, I wanted my Mom as his future owner decides about the name herself. So the first week with us we were still calling him “Puppy”. Then my Mom chose the name Jerry for him. You probably have read about Jerry’s first flight. Bellow you can find out Jerry’s other first time experiences.

Jerry’s first time with the new ownerlady

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to keep Jerry in secret from my Mom for almost two months. And I almost leapt various times and always realized it in the middle of the sentence and stopped. She might have suspected that she would get a puppy for her fiftieth birthday, but she would never imagine to get a Finnish boy with such long ears 🙂

First pack dogwalk

First new toys

Because there must be some treat for a vaccination, you know 🙂

First grooming at home

Not easy at all…it took us 3/4 hour to shave the face 🙂

The first swimming in the pool

Unintentionaly, of course…Jerry was for the first time speechless…but only for a while 🙂

Trip to Finland

In the second week of May I made a trip to Finland. I was really looking forward. I brought home a plenty of new experiences from this Land of thousand lakes, and also one very secret birthday parcel.

For the three days I was staying near Helsinki, in the southern Finland. I was happy to be a guest of a very dear friend of mine – Outi from the Old House kennel.

On the arrival day, after a short search of each other at the Vanta airport, we moved a few kilometers of Helsinki to a town Lohja. There our secret birthday gift for my Mum was waiting for us in Agidream’s.

After spending nice time in the kennel, we walked the the Lohja center seeing an old stone church and a memorial…

…we had dinner in the local bistro and continued walking to the near lake, where the sun was setting. A really romantic scenery to me!

On the next day, we left the car near the Espoo rail station and rode a train to the Helsinki Main station which is settled in a nice historical building.

In Finland you can find almost all the geographical signs also in Swedish. I really didn’t know before.

From the Main rail station we moved walking the center towards the sea.

We passed around the Swedish theatre and walked down the most famous boulevard of Helsinki – Park Esplanadi.

…then we met a famous fountain Havis Amanda, which is famous for being washed by the students during the first of May celebrations. The we arrived to the port, to the Market square Kauppatori.

In the port there were market stalls with all the gorgeous elk stuff (due to luggage space I brought only elk fridge magnets :)) and a plenty of fantastic smelling Finnish food. I’ve tasted a traditional salmon soup and later also a cofee with a traditional Finnish bun with cinnamon and cardamon.

In the port we also visited an Old Market Hall building, a place with great magic.

From the port you can perfectly see a Presidential palace, Helsinki Cityhall Helsingin kaupunginvaltuusto or the biggest orthodox cathedral in the western Europe Uspenskin Katedraali.

From the port you can take a ferry to the Helsinki zoo that is settled on an island Korkeasaari. This zoo is one of the oldest in the Europe.

From the port we walked to the Senate square towards the big white evangelical cathedral Tuomiokirkko. On the left site from the church is the main building of University of Helsinki, on the right side is the Government Palace. We visited a Helsinki City museum just opposite the cathedral. I really must say that the exposition was very nicely concepted – modern and interactive. In the superior floor was Helsinki clubbing history from about the 90s

Lower there was an expo of the Helsinki history and a little bit next an expo focused on children in different time epochas – children’s rooms from different historical periods, scool stuff, clothing, toys, etc. In the ground floor there was a time machine where you could put the 3D glasses on and visit Helsinki flyby time.

Then we walked back through the city center to a famous statue of the Three Blacksmithes, we passed around and old Helsinki university club to a more modern part of the city where, on the  Plaza Narinkka, is a modern wooden Chappel of Silence Kamppi.

Then we wallked around the Parliament house, a riding Mannerheim Statue and a museum of the modern art Kiasma back to the train for Espoo.

In Espoo we had a vet appointment with our puppy to have the clinical check before the plane and get the passport.

Later in the evening, we were having just having rest after a long day for us and the puppy (and of course tasting some other fantastic Finnish food…)

On Wednesday, the departure day, we made a trip for a walk in the national part for have the puppy tired to survive the time in the airport and the flight back home. The Finnish nature is absolutely amazing. In the national park there is plenty of pathways and a special places for BBQ.

On the airport, they weighted the puppy with the crate and we moved for waiting for the departure. Our flight to Prague was one hour delayed, but thankfully we managed the waiting just fine 🙂

The crate size limits for the board are strictly defined. I bought the one with the maximum size possible. On board I understood the limits as I had absolutely no space for the legs…

The first half of the flight the puppy didn’t seemed any comfortable, but about 20 minutes before the plane started to land he dealt with the plane and wanted to play 🙂

I can say that the puppy was untouched by the flight. While we were waiting for the luggage in Prague, he drinked and ate some of the biscuits. Then we continued towards the parking for the car and back home.

The delayed flight complicated a little bit our plan, because the puppy as the birthday gift was is true secret to Mom and we had a schedule to meet at home. I and the puppy flown about 1400 from Finland and my parents were driving 800 kms for their holidays by the sea. My brother had to delay them a little bit on their route back home. Finally, the plan went perfect, I and the puppy arrived home about 45 minutes before parents, so the puppy had time to be introduced to Maja and Charlie.

It took about two and a half minute to the puppy to understand he is in his final loving home and started to play. He managed to be awake for incredibly 4 hours in a row and be all the time in movement!

And here, you can see finally the birthday surprise – love on the first sight 🙂

I’m still being amazed by Finland and I’m realy grateful to both Outi and Yael to make this trip possible. Looking forward to see you next time, maybe here in the Czech republic or somewhere else 🙂