We were blessed we could spend two and a half year with such an extraordinary dog called Diamond.

I can clearly remember Diamond’s arrival to this world, because he was who made whole the birth complicated, because he thought he could come outside with his back first. At the moment I started to have panic waiting for him to come outside for about two hours, I saw a small paw looking from inside.

Me: – I can see a paw…bloody, what should I do?…

Mom: – just turn him inside and take him out!

And so I did. I turn him inside to the better position and he easily jumped to this world. Then the electricity turned down because of a big storm outside. From the beginning I knew that he is exactly the boy I want to keep at home. He looked like a little giraffe compared to the other littemates. And even as he grown up, he had a neck and legs to the heaven.

But my parents insisted in not wanting to have other, the third spoo. So the pink collar boy was offered to the prospective owners, who cancelled the reservation various time. Finally, when Diamond should leave the kennel for being a service dog, my mom said she won’t give him to anybody…and he stayed home.

Diamond was such a sweetheart and a little lover. He always brought something to welcome you – usualy some kind of home shoes, sneakers or some pants from the laundry basket. Then he put himself on the rear and put his paws on your shoulder and gave you his typical kiss over a half face. He was smilling all the time, always had a happy face.

He was the only dog who was able to jump from the trimming table after grooming and in one single movement turn to you, put his paws on your shoulders and kiss you as the thanks for being groomed. These moments I will never forget….

I was always saing he will be my best show dog once – when Charlie, who was chewing his hair all the time, will not be with us one day…Just a wonderful dog with extraordinary character. But the destiny had different plans…unfortunately. Diamond left us too early in the young age as the consequence of heavy poisoning. We miss him badly.

Unfortunately, Diamond passed away just before a long-time planned matting in Finland, so he didn’t leave here any of his descendants. But that’s just life.

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