Diamond’s Goodbye

The life is sometimes so cruel and we don’t understand why. On Wednesday February 21 our beloved Diamond passed away due to hard poisoning.

Diamond was fighting for his life on the vet clinic form Saturday. Unofortunatelly, the clinical finding was so serious that the chance for saving his life were minimal from the beginning. Me and Mom spend every afternoon with him inside the vet kennel, making him feel like sitting home on the sofa and giving him strenght for fighting. On Monday we were there also with my brother, who said him:

Hey guy! You look misserable! Recover soon and come back home…It’s pretty strange home without you. When I go outside, I can find both shoes 🙂

Unfortunatelly, despite the anticipated initial improvement, that’s been expected, Diamond was getting worse since Tuesday, exactly as the vet predicted. His weakened body didn’t manage it on Wednesday evening shortly after our farewell, and Diamond had lost in his fight. I would like to say thank you to everybody who was thinking of him in this hard moments and were sending energy. Unfortunately it was not enough. It hurts so much. We miss you very much, love. We will never forget! We believe we will meet some day again.

There you can read about Diamond’s life..

Diamond 29 months

In the summer I gave up my effort to grow up Diamond‘s coat…so…I shaved him down. It started to grow up again, but he’s again completely chewed from one side :/ (so I made a pictures from the other :))

This week I receive very nice news. There arrived his genetic results for vWD and they’re clear!

Second Birthday of Anniversary Litter

UPDATED: added photos of Goldie

We can’t stop the time flying. Anniversary littermates‘ve celebrated the 2nd birthday!

We made a small family birthday party at home: from left above Minion, Maja, Charlie, Diamond, bottom from left Donatello and Tessinka.

Untill we managed to set all the dogs in their places for the picture, Maja has stolen few pieces of salmon from the birthday cake (quickly and unnoticed as usually).

We also got Woody‘s pictures of freshly-being-two-years-old – big thanks!

And this one is a birthday greeting picture of Pamino (Anniversary Wood Ambershades) from Facebook.

And also there are pictures from Goldie (Anniversary Gold Ambershades) just few days before he turned two.

And for those who’re interested how we’re passing the hot days – we can show that very very cool 🙂 We wish everyone to have cool summer!

November 2016

There are some news from November.

Me and Minion did a trip to  vycestovali na show trip to Germany.

We got fresh photos from Goldie

… from Woody 

…and also pictures from China

In the end of November Minion had run the last lure coursing training of this year, there is a short video of the finish of the trail.

And finally a picture of our beloved little lover Diamond.

October 2016

What were we doing in October?

We attended an international dogshow in Tulln in Austria.

Dog Insemination Seminar

In mid October I had an opportunity to attend a seminar about insemination in dogs. The seminar was composed of two blocks. The first was led by a vet Ms. Prinosilova and dealt with male reproduction and insemination. The second block was led by a vet Mr. Vitasek a dealt about the reproduction and insemination from the femaile point of view. I must say I really appreaciate the knowledge of both speakers who had really deep insight of their issues and this is what is always really fine to listen to.

Autumn arrived

Diamond came for his regular grooming visit, this time after very unregular period. Popular sibling’s garden running with Minion took place.

I took an autumn pic of Tess

…and of Donatello (his resemblance to Asterix’s and Obelix’s dog is just casual 🙂

We also got pictures of China on trip. It it sure that poodles are great outdoor dogs.

Two days with China

On the national holiday China came to visit us and also her teddy bear coat got a grooming. Before that the obligatory sibling’s running must have happen.

According to the dogshow next day it was neccesary to equip China properly for the evening walk in the rain 🙂

The next day (29/10) both girls were entered at international dogshow in Prague. The poodles were judged by a breed specialist from Belorussia, Ms. Galina Zhuk.

Minion in open class won the fist CAC for the Czech championships, the second CACIB for the international championship and BOS title. Really nice results for only 16 months of age and for still not showing herself as I know she could, but we are working on that.

China in junior class won excellent 1. This time without a title, but I appreciate she spent all the boring day on the dogshow feeling fine and not bored at all.

I had expected exactly contrary results, that confirms my actual life approach that I should stop thinking about things and let them flow…

Both girls made me really happy, they are super fine and cool 🙂 The picture of both of them together will arrive later (finally not only pictures of both girls together arrived, but a lot of other pictures of them alone. I added them to whole the post).

And for the end – one gorgeous portrait of China 🙂

Anniversary litter 13 months

Our Anniversary litter’s celebrated 13 months at July 9.

We have nice pictures and news from Woody. He’s a great cuddler and also loves to thumb on his back…

At home, I was trying to take some dog family pictures, but it is quite impossible to me to catch all our dogs in the shot.

Although I’m not a partidary of young dogs in the continental clip, I decided to shear Minion in it due to unexpected coat change (strange at this age, isn’t is :)?). We will have to wait a little until the clip fits and for the coat to grow up a little more. But by now both of us are very very contented.

Diamond had a little more bad luck. Due to parts of his coat completely missing and due to being extremely tangled I had to scissor him in a kind of modern clip. I truly hate this clip that makes him even bigger than he is. I’m really looking forward to clip him in something more suitable (yes, my secret wish is a continental too but we will se if we are able to maintain his hair).

Also our adults got a little bit shorter clips. Charlie is since some time ago being shaved “to the skin” from the top of nose to the top of the tail. We all realy love this trim, don’t ask me why…

And our Maja got the bikini trim again, still need to grow up some parts even more, but by now also contented.

And in the and a message to my mother: Mum, I love you even if you hate brushing 🙂

First lure coursing training

As both Diamond and Minion passed the first year, we can start to be a little more active and add some of the sport activities. On Sunday July 3 we participated our first lure coursing training together with a huge poodle companion. Big thanks for the photo and a video from the second run to Hana Kašparová from Banzette knl.

After the first run we were a little bit constrained as none of the blonds’ve finished the run and run back to us from the middle of the track. For the second run we let them to run together and they did well – they run perfectly all the track and seemed to be “consumed” by the run and even started to be obsessed by the lure which is desirable. I think they will show us more the next training.

Anniversary babies 10 months old

Our Anniversary babies became a month older again and they’ve celebrated 10 months last Saturday. And how are they?

Diamond and Minion had joy in the garden

Pamino (ANNIVERSARY RUBY Ambershades) got a new hairdo and he’s enjoying a family life and his cat friends.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) is progressing in family dog trainings and goes for a long walks with his friend Zorba.

Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades) enjoys the spring in the garden. Finally, he’s decided not to be a gardener, but a fisherman – he loves fishing in the near pound.

Big thanks to the owners for the care and the pictures!

Anniversary babies 9 months old

Our Anniversary babies‘ve celebrated 9 months this week. They’ve grown up quickly in funny long legged big dogs. It’s just a pleasure for me to see all of them developing. I must say big thanks to the owners for the great care and the pictures of course.

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) and Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) enjoyed  mud running in our yard. To have more fun, China was – of course – freshly bathed…

Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades) doesn’t mind he’s a big dog now and enjoys a lap cudlling.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) has sent us two nice portraits and on picture from resting after having shower.

And finally some pictures from Diamond. He’s just a handsome boy. If we manage to grow up some coat on him, I would like to show him.