The life is sometimes so cruel and we don’t understand why. On Wednesday February 21 our beloved Diamond passed away due to hard poisoning.

Diamond was fighting for his life on the vet clinic form Saturday. Unofortunatelly, the clinical finding was so serious that the chance for saving his life were minimal from the beginning. Me and Mom spend every afternoon with him inside the vet kennel, making him feel like sitting home on the sofa and giving him strenght for fighting. On Monday we were there also with my brother, who said him:

Hey guy! You look misserable! Recover soon and come back home…It’s pretty strange home without you. When I go outside, I can find both shoes 🙂

Unfortunatelly, despite the anticipated initial improvement, that’s been expected, Diamond was getting worse since Tuesday, exactly as the vet predicted. His weakened body didn’t manage it on Wednesday evening shortly after our farewell, and Diamond had lost in his fight. I would like to say thank you to everybody who was thinking of him in this hard moments and were sending energy. Unfortunately it was not enough. It hurts so much. We miss you very much, love. We will never forget! We believe we will meet some day again.

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