Summer 2020

We enjoyed this summer in calm and peace, mostly at home in our family circle.

Maja’s just celebrated her 8th birthday. She runs as puppy, despite her nutritional condition is more than affluent.

We spent a lot of time outside gardening, both flowers and vegetables


We did a little bit of grooming…we didn’t overdo it at all, we were missing people to do that


There is a nice pic of three generations of our standards. From left: Růženka, MajaCharlie and Minion. The girls look like being copied.

We didn’t forget to have chill and rest, of course.


Our most favourite and frequent activity was walking outside. The summer is a great period for walking.


The peak of whole summer was a meeting of our “expanded family” in Seč. We had such a great day with our friend and hope to repeat it on next year.


Despite it was a mid September, we had a wonderful summer weather. The girls could swim in the dam, Růženka for her first time.


Health testing Jerry and Růženka

On Tuesday, July 14, we went south with our youngsters to do a health testing to them. Early morning getting up was just so bad, but we brought home great results.

Jerry (Agidream’s YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL)

  • HD A
  • patella 0/0
  • Eyes clinicaly clear for hereditary eye disseases

Růženka (BRIGHT SHADE OF ROSE Ambershades)

  • HD A
  • patella 0/0
  • Eyes clinicaly clear for hereditary eye disseases

We brouht also Minion to have a fresh eye examination for her. At the clinic the vets rinsed her tear duct (that made problems for some time) and there was an aspen inside.

Spring 2020

Spring evening in our garden

Jerry came to get a haircut, so he and Růženka had their favourite running games

Růženka has a new haircut. This year, according to corona, it didn’t look like that there are any shows held and her plenty of hair and endless combing was a little too much for me … Don’t worry … before she goes somewhere to show herself, it’ll grow up …


Donatello did construction supervision


The girls celebrated their first birthday – this time we didn’t make any big party. I’ll fix it next year. One birthday animation.

Maja in summer clip (she’s not bored 🤣)


Růžena and Karkulka are experts in extreme sleep positions, so here are few of them

A new photo from Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades) has arrived. He’s on it with new friends.

Winter 19/20

There are few pictures from this winter, from the owners of our litters.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades)

Satana (BRIGHT SUNNY DAY Ambershades)

Kiwi (BRIGHT BROW STAR Ambershades)

Tom (BRIGHT MOONLIGHT Ambershades)

Obi (BRIGHT SHINE Ambershades)

Our own dogs

Tessinka 11 years

Donatello 10 years

Girls in the mountains




PF 2020

I would like to wish to everybody to have calm Christmas time 🎄🎁 and all the best for the new year!

I would like to share very nice wish card we received from Belgrade from Obi (Bright Shine Ambershades) 🤩

Anniversary litter 4 years old

As usual…I’m a little bit late with updates 🐌… There are recent photos from our Anniversary litter I’ve received from the owners recently (more correctly this year 😂). Anniversary puppies’ve celebrated their 4th birthday this year🎂. I would like to say huge thank you to their owners for taking such good care to their four-leg-🐩-partners.13

Toník (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades)


Goldík (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades)

Pamino (ANNIVERSARY RUBY Ambershades)

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades)

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades)

A nakonec naše Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades)

Last Poodle Boy Available

We are still looking for new homefo r the last standard poodle boy. More information about B litter.

Monet (Bright Moonlight Ambershades)

Last Two Boys Available

We are still looking for new homes for the last two standard poodle boys. More information about B litter.

Monet (Bright Moonlight Ambershades)

Very curious boy, he needs to explore everything in the big world. Very fine and kind dog.

Smilie (Bright Smile Ambershades)

The greatest cuddler from whole litter. Very contact dog, he needs enough love and cuddling.

General information about getting puppy from us you can find here zde. Genuine inquiries welcomed, please contact us.

China’s Experiences

I’ve received very nice letter from our China (Anniversary China Ambershades), where she and her ownerlady describe all the experiences they’d had during whole year.

I’m trully glad and want to thank to whole family for the care of China.

Hello Daniela,

congratulations to the puppies, they’re really cute, I would like to cuddle them all.

I know it’s been long since I wrote the last time news about China. Acualy, it’s been a year since I’ve sent the last news and photographs. We were to busy at all…

There are some news from our fluffy companion.

The last summer China spent whole month in Kolin with our friends who were caring for her when we were in wells. She was helping them with pouring the garden and also assisting to their medium poodle pack with barking.

China was a true hairy monster before leaving for Kolin.

When we arrived for picking her up, she had a wonderful summer clip.

Our balcony view. China is just observing in silent, when something catches her attention, not barking.

In September, China was confusing walks with degustations of anything possible so I lost the patience…

October walks, fur grooming and a trip to Chocen, where she enjoyed running on garden with a tennis ball 🙂

Home playing



Autumn visit in Jiri

„I also want to pose for a picture“

In November we’re lazy as never 🙂

On December 1st there fell first snow

Pure joy 🙂

December winter laziness

On Christmas holiday we left for mountains to Janske Lazne. I’m not sure if China enjoyed more the snow or two labrador girls that were accompanying our friends. The girls were of the same size, hair colour, but about 10 kg heavier. In my opinion it was the snow, as she saw this big ammount of it for the first time in her life.

The main advantage (at least for our children) there was a second christmas present surprise, that they’ve found in the mountain cottage under the christmas tree. China also got a suprise – three nice tennis balls, used from tennis play before because these are trully the best 🙂

In February we’ve had a lot of time for playing and sleeping. China doesn’t matter if she thumbs in between rails with trains running around her 🙂

And after having a nice and snowy winter, we were having a hairy monster dog again. So we drove to Kolin for the grooming.

„Can you see me? I don’t see nothing.“

„I look nice, don’t I?“

„Let me sleep, it was such a bussy day for me!“

On last March day we’ve made a trip to a further part of our home town. It should have been just few kilometers long trip. Finally we spent a whole day outside. It’s been relatively warm so we let China to run the stream. Our vet dog was so happy. She was running, jumping and really enjoing that. She got dry before we returned home.

In April we made a trip along Vltava river and Slapy reservoir, that was at least for me a little bit exhausting. The pathway is very narrow and mostly leads with a rock on one side and escarpment for the water on the other side. Dad, children, uncle and China enjoyed that a lot, I was a little bit nervous about the children and China not to fall in the water.

„I should go through? Actually, there’s dark inside.“

„I like the water, what pitty it’s so deep.“

„Can I jump into it?“

„What is this? And why’re we standing here?”  Water power station.

In May we made our traditional trip to Jachymov. One day the rain poured us to the bones, other trips were without rain.

The next day we visited our favourite pathways in Bozi Dar.

During the trip to Rotava we used a bad way and climbed there from an impassable side. What a surprise when we met other ten tourists on the top and we found out that from the correct side it is very easily accessible place.


Before the climb

Is this the way?

On the top

Basalt organ

I want to walk the dog!

We’ve made a very detailed research of the former tin ore factory in Rolava. Our children liked the most the snow, China liked the most the water from the melting snow.



June grooming

Right now, China is thumbing under the table by my legs faithfully. In summer there is a little bit hot in our flat, but outside there’s even hotter. Our afternoon walk are lazy and slow, we’re returning home grilled as sausagges.