Litter B was born on June 17 2019 – 3 boys and 4 girls. Mostly unrelated combination, two wonderful characters. Both parents are great family dogs.


B litter page

Information for people interested in getting a puppy from us

We made a puppy reservation only after signing a puppy reservation contract and after a reservation fee is payed. Usually this is preceded by a personal visit of a candidate in our kennel, and on our part a thorough survey of the potential future family.

We don’t support puppy mills and breeding mix-breed or non-pedigree puppies intentionaly. These facts are reflected in our purchase contract.

By leaving for new homes our puppies will:

  • have full pedigrees, registered by CMKU, a FCI memeber (the pedigree certificates will be probably ready later and will be sent to new owners via post)
  • be vaccinated and dewormed appropriately to the age of leave for new home
  • be microchipped and have euro pet passport
  • be socialized at home with human family members and other dogs

Previous litter

Anniversary litter (*2015)