On Monday June 17 2019 there were born 7 standard poodle fawn puppies in our kennel – 3 boys and 4 girls. Everybody is doing fine and the puppies are growing so quick. I will update this page with new photos of the puppies continuously.

All the puppies are in new families. 

The puppies are from minimally related couple – COI (10 generations) is 0,8 %.

The pedigree of the litter is here.
Both parents are of a nice and contact nature, they’re well tempered with a great sense of humor. Just poodles 🙂 We expect the same characters in puppies.



Alex (CH. Alonso Eben Anders)

Clinical examinations

  • HD A/A (negative)
  • Patella luxation 0/0 (negative)
  • Hereditary eye disseases: clear 2019
  • Cardiology exam: clear


Minion (CIB MutiCH. Anniversary Pearl Ambershades)

Clinical examinations

  • HD B/C (borderline/mild)
  • Patella luxations  0/0 (negative)
  • Hereditary eye disseases clear 2019

Both parents are tested or after tested parents for VWD type I, NEWS, DM, they don’t carry a brown gene. All the health certificates will be put forward during the personal visit.


Boy – turquoise ribbon – BRIGHT SHINE ♂

Boy – violet ribbon – BRIGHT MOONLIGHT ♂

Boy – blue ribbon – BRIGHT SMILE ♂

Girl – pink ribbon – BRIGHT SHADE OF ROSE ♀

Girl – orange ribbon – BRIGHT SUNNY DAY ♀

Girl – magenta ribbon – BRIGHT BROW STAR ♀

Girl – red ribbon – BRIGHT FUTURE ♀

General information about getting puppy from us you can find here zde. Genuine inquiries welcomed, please contact us.