Second best female of poodle specialty for Minion

Rose Poodle SpecialtyRůžičková klubová výstava

On Sunday May 28 we’ve entered in a Prague poodle specialty. The weather forecast was predicting a tropical day and we had to spent whole day closed inside instead of being somewhere by the pool.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) was for the last time (and also probably for the first time 🙂 entered in the intermediate class. She was alone in the class and was rewarded by a judge Mr Mario Funk from Germany as excellent 1, CAC – this was the last certificate required for complete the Champion of the Czech republic. I’m happy to announce she’s also my first home-bred champion. In competition from the open class she finally got a Club Winner also! I’m very proud on my little girl. Pitures taken by Vendy.

We’ve made it through the hot afternoon and in the finals happened something really unexpected by me. Minion won the best standard female from all the colours and the second best female of the show from all sizes. Really uncredible success for me!

My biggest win of this day was keeping Minion in good mood until the finals and properly hydrated in this kind of wather  🙂

Breeding examination

Our blond youngsters Minion and Diamond passed their breeding examination by this speciality and they’re both aproved for breeding under FCI regulations.

Coronation clubshow 2017

On Sunday March 12 me and Minion participated a Coronation clubshow in Prague (CZ). We spent a nice and even long day with our doggie and human friends. The greatest experience from whole day was without doubt a delivered pizza for together lunch. I really don’t understand why I didn’t think of it before 🙂

The clubshow was judged by Ms. Liane Kubbe from Germany from Ahornstreet kennel. I very appreciate when the judge in not “colour blind” and give a chance to modern colours – even if breeds blacks and whites. BTW the best in show winner was a silver standard.

There are few ring pics from Eva Mizerová:

You can see it is possible to show a poodle on a loose lead. Although FCI is last few years “promoting” reasonable showing (free stack and loose lead), the judges are still tolerating dogs being strangled on a show lead in movement)…(very sincerely I admit I also used to show like this before…)

There is a pic of very concentrated blondie

And finally a demonstration that the name of Minion is omen nomen actually (no, she is really not a medium :))

The only glitch is that because of time reasons we didn’t use a hairspray (I wouldn’t be able to bath her after the show).

And what about the results?

ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades in the age of 22 months, in intermediate class was rewarded excellent 1, CAC. In the finals in relatively huge competition (not sure exactly, due to show statistics there should be 8 bitches) Mini placed #3 best standard female of the show that made me really happy 🙂 We made a little progress in Minion’s “nerdness” and moved other step toward happy presentation, she even made few happy jumps 🙂 We manage to show a natural pleasure one day 🙂

And finally a pictures from final placement from Bára Brožková, huge thx! 🙂

Tony and Minion at Advent clubshow

Tony and Minion met on the last show of this show season – clubshow in Prague (CZ). They’re judged by Mrs. Alena Košťálová. This time both in puppy class.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) in class very promissing 1, in the final competitions best puppy female of the show.

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) had a little bit difficult task – he had competion in class. Finally very promising 2. He is a real stream of energy, when we teach how to work with his energy, he will be great show dog.

Anniversary babies at Anniversary show

Sometimes, things take their own direction despite our plans. Sometimes it is good. I’ve entered Minion to Anniversary club show in Prague, but finally I had a different plan for this Sunday. Two day before the show date I was persuaded to change my mind and participate to support Minion’s brother Tony who was entered, and his owners. Thank to this change of plan Minion’s brought home a big cup and other prizes. Tony was also successfull, both of them received nice critiques.

The baby class was judged by Mrs. Naďa Klírová (CZ), the final competitions by her and Mr. Laurent Heinesche (LUX) and Mr. Jussi Liimatainen (FIN).

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) in baby class very promissing 1.

Tony is like a torpedo, he combines a show joy of his dad Charlie and an endless flow of energy of his mom Maja.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) in baby class very promissing 1. In the final competiotions Best female of baby class the best hope in show!

Minion definitely showed up her qualities, especially to people she was said to be short and fat of.

Both of them made me very proud and happy. They’ve great characters and are contactive and really happy buddies.

Tony and a first show

In mid-October me and Minon visited a clubshow in Kněževes to support Tony at his show debut in Kněževes (CZ). Judging was Mgr. Sabina Chiesa Folbrecht, A/BG.

In baby class, ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades was rewarded very promising and in the final competitions got best baby Kněževes 2015. Congratulations to Tony and his great owners!

Nice June 2014

This year is extremely busy for us. Finally, this June we had more time to spend with our dogs.

Club specialty Konopiště June 9th

After one year show break I entered Charlie to small club show near the place we live. I reported it in the spring post. Since the same day Charlie enjoys his terrier clip and lazy country life.

Outi Tenho visit in Prague June 21st

I had great opportunity to spend a Monday afternoon talking and sipping coffee with Outi Tenho and her daughter Rebecca from Old House kennel in Finland. Thank you both for the nice talk and hope to repeat it someday!


The last lesson of the agility course for begginers June 25th

The last Wednesday of June we spent on the last lesson of the agility course. The weather was perfect. This time there were prepared some jumps also for the owners. In the end of the lesson we has a hobby run. This time Maja was very quick and not concentered so we got a lot of  penalty points. Charlie ran – as usually – fine a certain and won the first place! He won other five free agility lessons for us and other nice gifts. We have a couple of videos from the end of the training, so the dogs are tired and unfocused a little. I’m sorry for not having rolled the first runs which were perfect to me.




National dogshow Klatovy June 29th

The last June Sunday I entered Maja to national dogshow in Klatovy (CZ). She was shown after a half year show break and with a lack of hair (eaten by Charlie a month and a half before). Despite of that – she realy had her day, she ran with energie and joy. In competition Maja won BOB!