Rose Poodle SpecialtyRůžičková klubová výstava

On Sunday May 28 we’ve entered in a Prague poodle specialty. The weather forecast was predicting a tropical day and we had to spent whole day closed inside instead of being somewhere by the pool.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) was for the last time (and also probably for the first time 🙂 entered in the intermediate class. She was alone in the class and was rewarded by a judge Mr Mario Funk from Germany as excellent 1, CAC – this was the last certificate required for complete the Champion of the Czech republic. I’m happy to announce she’s also my first home-bred champion. In competition from the open class she finally got a Club Winner also! I’m very proud on my little girl. Pitures taken by Vendy.

We’ve made it through the hot afternoon and in the finals happened something really unexpected by me. Minion won the best standard female from all the colours and the second best female of the show from all sizes. Really uncredible success for me!

My biggest win of this day was keeping Minion in good mood until the finals and properly hydrated in this kind of wather  🙂

Breeding examination

Our blond youngsters Minion and Diamond passed their breeding examination by this speciality and they’re both aproved for breeding under FCI regulations.