Letter from China 😊 for her sister

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) sent a letter for our Minion <3

Hello Minion, how do you do? I’ve heard you’d had a surgery. I hope your knee is recovering well. What did you do? I’m fortunately healthy, but I’m mostly walked on lead by my both big owners as I’m able to eat everything I find  outside and then I don’t usually feel the best…

As a greeting I send you my show pictures. I’m just joking, I’m a hairy monster, so my ownerlady had to cut my excess hair before planned bathing and grooming just for just making that quicker. I’m still not being such a good friend with the dryer. Sometimes I still bark on the hoover, but very rarely now 😊.

And there are few pics after “aunt” Tereza grommed me. Don’t I look fabulous?

In May, me made a superb trip to Jachymov. It was pretty hot, but due to it they let me to taste some mountain streams. A little bit cold, but very tasty water. We walked in the forest,  for a watchtower and on the pathways to Bozi Dar. We had really nice time there.

We went to see some strange ponds. The ownerlady said that these are the tanks for snow cannons. I didn’t understand what she means, but there was a very tempting duck in the water. I would like to jump to the water and play with it, but I wasn’t allowed.

Despite we visited a pastry shop in Ostrov, they didn’t let me to order any piece of cake or just an ice cream. They told me that it is not good for dogs. Finnaly, the good point of this trip was that dogs were allowed to visit a pallace park…

Our last trip in Jachymov was an anabase. In 40 minutes we climbed about a kilometer long route to Gorila Rock with 200 meter of cant. My big owners said it was very nice view from there, but I didn’t appreciate it. The climbing uphill was interesting for me – lots of  twigs, spruces…and ticks. The route downhill was more interesting either. The two-leg company was sliding all the time. I don’t understand why we had to climb there, but in the end it was funny, when some people of my pack slided down over their butts 😊.

Highways and byways

On the top

Do we really go downhill this way? Ok, it will be funny.

I usualy don’t use a lift this way, somebody might went crazy😊.

When it’s hot outsite, I usualy look like this. It’s pitty it’s too hot for dog scootering.

And Minion replies:

Hey China!

I’m glad for your letter. I even thank you for the pictures. I’m mostly closed home last days 🙁 so I’m happy to travel  at least virtualy with your pics.

Well, I didn’t really do anything wrong, I just sliced a little by while walking outside and then started to limp a little bit. I didn’t mind, I had no problem running on the 3 spare legs, I even managed to hunt a chicken…But my ownerlady said me one day something about cruciate ligament rupture and that I have to go for the surgery. One afternoon I woke up with a funnel on my head, shaved leg and since then I’m going outside only on lead, exactly like you 🙁

Your trim is fine, I got lately Miami clip again. I was said it’s because of the shaven leg, but I’m suspicious that my ownerlady is just in love with this kind of clip and due to the surgery she doesn’t need to explain home why she groomed me like this…

I also like the ponds, last summer I learned to swim in Balaton. On the rehab, the vet said swimming will be also a part of my convalescence. I also would like to play with a duck :), but I will have to do it “secretely” otherwise my owners will not let me…

BTW I also know to use a lift, I use it while I’m going to our Grandma who takes care of me in days I have vet checks or rehabs. And my owners carry me like you last days frequently, I can’t climb stairs or jump anywhere.

So, thank you once again for the letter and let me know about your new trips.

Have nice time

Your sis Mini

PS: also our Mom Maja sends best wishes

Woody 3-years-old

On June 9 our Anniversary litter celebrated their 3rd birthday! I’ve found in my mailbox very nice surprise – pictures and a message of Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades). Thank you very much for them!

Everybody from Ambershades sends the best birthday wishes to all the Anniversary littermates!  And even above to Diamond <3

Goldies summer pictures

There are few pictures from Goldie (Anniversary Gold Ambershades). He enjoys the summer a lot, obviously.

China’s half a year in a nutshell

We’ve received a big amount of pictures of China and also a letter written by China’s paw (maybe with a little help of her ownerlady). Wish you nice reading!


As usualy we hadn’t enjoyed snow in Prague a lot. But if there had been, both girls and China had had fun.


The little ownerlady Terezka celebrates her third b-day, so all the people who came to our home are there just because of cuddling me and playing with me. Or not? They didn’t let me to taste the cake, it was said not being for dogs or what…

I’d just found a perfect lair, even with a blanket inside prepared by my girls. I just don’t understand when they call it ‘their tent’.


I’m definitely not a dog, I’m a bear. Or not? Three months without grooming became evident. Also biting my hair while boring wasn’t much helpful.

After non-professional grooming hit

It was necessary to cut off some volume before bathing, just because of cleaning the coat to the deep and to be able to brush and comb whole hair from the bottom to the top. Almost noboty noticet that shame, it disappeard in few days. It really doesn’t look the best, but this was made after consulting it with my friend Tereza, who subsequently groomed a nice poodle from China again. She has my big thanks. China had bitten Tereza’s flowerpot instead of thanking her.

Nice again in the garden 😊


Resting, don’t disturb…


Trip for the Death pond near Jáchymov near Karlovy Vary. 

Give me the blueberry…

Moss pathway posing near Boží Dar.


I’m getting dry on sun (brushed and combed😉), it’s just too hot for drying by a dryer. Thanks to it I can enjoy a walk without breathing like being finishing a Marathon run. (And my joy is twice as big because I deslike drying)

Few pictures from grooming.

A non-show posture in brand new clip 😊.

Hunter shelter posing near Kladno during our trip to lookout tower. Pack of girls, dads and two very ‘clean’ dog ladies – labrador girl and our China. 

A lookout tower view from, where China couldn’t climb 😉.

Minion’s barbie pictures

We’ve already written a report from Coronation clubshow. Except of very satisfying results we brought home, our very talended friend Vendy took a lots of nice barbie pictures. I must admit she’d had very hard work with us…:)

My blondie didn’t wanted to keep still for a while…

…but Vedy did a great job and caught very nice shots…

And there are pictures of both of us…As you can see, it is not easy to agree on having an inteligent expression both in one shot…:)

Huge thanks!

Woody 16 months old

We also got a very nice words about Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades).

He is pictured together with his friend Zorba.

China’s summer

We’ve got this nice post about China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) written by her ownerlady herself. The translation to English was made by breeder.

China’s Summer

The beginning of July we spent in Bechyně. China explored all the corners of an old cottage we staying in. While playing with a ball, she cleaned all the spider webs inside including the ones under the beds. She made a dog bed in the lawn in the yard where she comfortably spent the hot days. When Dad and children arrived, she switched laying in the flower bed and the lawn into soil digging together with children :-)…

13 months

Morning walks with aport training were replaced by siestas with a toy or without, because of really hot weather 🙂

In the second half of July we had a nice week in Starý Kolín with China. She had great days full of play together with three medium poodles from Teschiro and other five dwarves. The smaller poodle friends learned China how to bark because of everything (I’m glad that she’s calmed down back at home as the master dislike barking). China was all the time very helpful to water the lawn resulting in being even wetter than whole the garden :-).

And so the grooming of the fur took place.

In early August we left for a three days holiday to Krkonoše together with a lot of other children. The acommodation in one of the Meadow huts above Špindlerův Mlýn provided splendid sceneries with views to nature. China accompained us in i lot of nice walks. She was even allowed to use a chairlift uphill to Portášky chalet. The chairlift was for three person so I convinced the service we can travel together. Unlike me she enjoyed the getting out in an upper station and tried to jump back to the chair to have one more ride 😀

14 months

In mid-August we left for trip to Janské lázně and China together with us of course. This time she tried a cabin lift up to Černá hora. She jumped few times into moss and was pictured together with children on a huge stump. Together with us, China explored the Rocks of Adršpach including the hundreds of stairs on the way. She tried blueberries, fresh mountain spring water from local springs and some of them used also for bathing of herself :-).

Morning scooter trips
We had supposed different timing, but the nature does everything a different way, so China’s second heat arrived a little bit unexpected. It complicated a little bit our regular walks, because there were lots of dogs everywhere in the end of vacations. So, finally, we start to using a scooter for our walks, because…

At the beginning of May China tried out to run by a scooter that we borrowed from a scooter rental to test if we are able to travel this way together. Since then both me and China were looking forward to our rides together. Desgracially I had a bad luck and broke one of my toes. After few month of scooter break we resumed the scooter trips and we also added my elder daughter Majda on the bicycle. Our ride/run trips in three are even better :-).

Anniversary litter 14 months

This time last year our Anniversary babies started to leave for new homes. There are some new pictures from some of them.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) enjoys the summer outside with his friend Zorba. They look very happy both of them.

Ms. Mini (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) got trough her first heat. She tries to look more adult, but its just a mask. She is still a crazy crossbreed of cangaroo.

Also Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) shows a cangaroo genes are very strong. It’s funny how I can see in him both of the parents half-and-half. On other siblings I usually see they resemble more just to one of the parents.

Anniversary litter 11 months old

Better later than never – we bring the news from the 11th month of life of our beautiful Anniversary “puppies”.

Sunny sends greetings from Germany (ANNIVERSARY CRYSTAL Ambershades). What a cute young girl!

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) succeed on 21/5 at poodle specialty at Hluboká nad Vltavou. For the first time in the junior class won Best junior male. He also succeed at other poodle specialty in Kolesa on 4/6, where me, Minion, China and Diamond visited him. That time Tony won his first CAJC and BOS. Big congratulations!

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) sent us the greetings from Austria. He is a great family dog, spending a lot of time on walk with his ownerlady and a friend Zorba.

I had an oportunity to take care of China and Diamond for almost a month. It was sometimes a hard deal (with 4 standards and other 2 small dogs), but I must say we’ve enjoyed that. Both of them are honey bears and sweet characters.

Anniversary babies 10 months old

Our Anniversary babies became a month older again and they’ve celebrated 10 months last Saturday. And how are they?

Diamond and Minion had joy in the garden

Pamino (ANNIVERSARY RUBY Ambershades) got a new hairdo and he’s enjoying a family life and his cat friends.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) is progressing in family dog trainings and goes for a long walks with his friend Zorba.

Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades) enjoys the spring in the garden. Finally, he’s decided not to be a gardener, but a fisherman – he loves fishing in the near pound.

Big thanks to the owners for the care and the pictures!