IDS Prague Spring 2017

UPDATED: added new barbie pictures from

This Spring’s Prague IDS was postponed by organizers into Easter holidays. We had no problem with this term, on the contrary we appreciated a Monday day off.

The poodles were judged by a breed specialist Ms. Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen from Jouet kennel in Denmark.

Minion was entered in the intermediate class and was awarded Ex. 1, CAC and reserve CACIB with a very nice critique. We enjoyed the show together with our friends.

There is one pic just few minutes before we entered the ring. Except Mini’s nice head I would like to draw attention to our brand new and very functional cage cover 🙂

A week before I spent some evenings with a sewing machine. As many things in life even the cover is not perfect, but I’m very happy to have it finished. The good point is that I might persuaded Minion that the cage is a perfect place to have some rest…

After the show, our skilled friend Vendy took another very nice barbie pictures. We had trained the show position on distance hardly a week before. The pink rubber bands were chosen carefully to fit perfectly with photoshooting outside decoration, of course 🙂

Minion’s barbie pictures

We’ve already written a report from Coronation clubshow. Except of very satisfying results we brought home, our very talended friend Vendy took a lots of nice barbie pictures. I must admit she’d had very hard work with us…:)

My blondie didn’t wanted to keep still for a while…

…but Vedy did a great job and caught very nice shots…

And there are pictures of both of us…As you can see, it is not easy to agree on having an inteligent expression both in one shot…:)

Huge thanks!

Woody’s and Goldies new pictures

I’m having a new pictures of Woody and Goldie for some time. Here they are.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades)

In February Woody got a shorter clip. He’s a very handsome boy!

And there are few pictures of Woody from April, at the age of 22 months. Big thanks to WoodyA tady je pár dubnových fotek Woodyho ve 22 měsících. Děkuji paní majitelce za pečlivou péči.

Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades)

We also got some new pictures from Goldie in February. We also send thanks to the ownerlady for the care of Goldie.