UPDATED: added new barbie pictures from

This Spring’s Prague IDS was postponed by organizers into Easter holidays. We had no problem with this term, on the contrary we appreciated a Monday day off.

The poodles were judged by a breed specialist Ms. Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen from Jouet kennel in Denmark.

Minion was entered in the intermediate class and was awarded Ex. 1, CAC and reserve CACIB with a very nice critique. We enjoyed the show together with our friends.

There is one pic just few minutes before we entered the ring. Except Mini’s nice head I would like to draw attention to our brand new and very functional cage cover 🙂

A week before I spent some evenings with a sewing machine. As many things in life even the cover is not perfect, but I’m very happy to have it finished. The good point is that I might persuaded Minion that the cage is a perfect place to have some rest…

After the show, our skilled friend Vendy took another very nice barbie pictures. We had trained the show position on distance hardly a week before. The pink rubber bands were chosen carefully to fit perfectly with photoshooting outside decoration, of course 🙂