January News

Spulka lookout tower

On the New Year’s day, we changed our regular plan and instead of Krasna Hora we made a trip to Spulka lookout tower. Despide the muddy route, we had nice time.

Nürnberg CACIB

On the second January Saturday, we travelled to Germany, where the Nürnberg CACIB took place. The poodles were judged  by Mr. Kay Smulczynski. Minon was entered in champion class and awarded excellent 1, CAC-DPK, res. CAC-VDH (after a champion) so we finally finished German Champion. The German champion is generally very hard to get, we did it with 7 CAC certificates 🙂


I’ve had some days off on the third January week, so we could make a plenty of walks out 🙂

Visiting Tony

Due to my holidays, I finally had time to make a visit of our “little” Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) in z Hauserova království kennel. He’s exactly the some lover as his brother Diamond is and very resembles to his dad Charlie. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any nice pic due to the new smartphone, but I made a funny animation from my attempts 🙂

World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig

General prove in Prague 5. 11.

The general prove at international show in Prague wasn’t excellent, just very good…We were a little bit surprised by a judge P. Richard who rewarded us twice excellent before, but not angry at all. We spent nice day with our dear friends both dog and human. An Minion was for me the nicest Barbie dog of the show!

World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig

I was planning to attend this dog show for a long time, but finally decided not to enter due to planned judge. About three days before the last entry deadline there happened a judge change due to the number of the dogs entered. For me it was a sign so I changed our show agenda for the rest of the year and entered Minion…

On Friday November 10 we started our trip for Leipzig very early morning. Realization team Me and Minior and Support team – our Mommy.

In a half a way my Mom asks me:

–  What is the show we are comming like?

– Mom, we are going for the WORLD DOG SHOW…!

– Allrigh, we haven’t been at the world dog show for a while … 😀 😀

About 5 kms before Leipzig it started to rain. We arrived in time so we parked near the hall and we were lucky to move to our place without the rain. Then it was pouring for whole day.

The atmosphere was wonderful…and the stress level just on one tenth as ususal…You usualy go to the world dog show just to show yourselves, not to place…

Minion in very hard competition won the open class fawn/silver bitches (in Germany this colours compete on the class level). For me totally wonderful, incredible…just the best! So officially, ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershadeds Ex. 1, CAC-VDH! Our ring was judged by Ms. Jadranka Mijatovic from Croatia.

Sorry for the pic quality, it was taken by a cracked len of my Moms cell phone (better said, by a bite len by our Diamond)

We walked the expo center area – BTW wery nice spaces – and led way  back home.

We just loades Mini in the car and it started to drip again. We loaded the rest of our baggage in the car and it started to pour. We managed to load everything just in time!

The route way home wasn’t fine at all – the traffic jam at the highway from Leipzig…and in Prague I guess there was a Martian landing at least…but we arrived safely after 4 hours driving..

We celebrated our big success just a little bit on the evening, we made a big muddy walk on the weekend.

CACIB Nürnberg 2017

We’ve just started a new show season 2017. On Saturday January 7 we made a trip to German Nürnberg for the international dogshow. The poodles were judged by Mr. Tomáš Kučera (CZ). Originaly I was hesitating to enter Minion there, but finally I’m glad I did. The trip to Germany was safe (exceptly 20 degrees under zero), the trip back home was a little bit snowy.

Minion did a perfect job and was moving very nicely. There were a silver competitor in the open class for the CAC DPK.

And a red competitor for the CACIB. ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades, in 19 months in open class won Ex. 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH, CACIB, Alpensieger and BOB! I’m happy over the moon and still cant believe that 🙂 (the ligthting in the hall was classicaly bad, so normally light Mini looks almost white)

We stayed for the final, but no placement there. Even in the late afternoon Minion showed herself very nicely.

There are some of my findings from the German shows:

  • if the catalogue says the judging ends at three p. m., you can get your papers really after 3 p. m., even if the judging in your ring ends at one p. m.
  • in case you win BOB, it may happen that you receive your papers in the main ring after your group is judged

October 2016

What were we doing in October?

We attended an international dogshow in Tulln in Austria.

Dog Insemination Seminar

In mid October I had an opportunity to attend a seminar about insemination in dogs. The seminar was composed of two blocks. The first was led by a vet Ms. Prinosilova and dealt with male reproduction and insemination. The second block was led by a vet Mr. Vitasek a dealt about the reproduction and insemination from the femaile point of view. I must say I really appreaciate the knowledge of both speakers who had really deep insight of their issues and this is what is always really fine to listen to.

Autumn arrived

Diamond came for his regular grooming visit, this time after very unregular period. Popular sibling’s garden running with Minion took place.

I took an autumn pic of Tess

…and of Donatello (his resemblance to Asterix’s and Obelix’s dog is just casual 🙂

We also got pictures of China on trip. It it sure that poodles are great outdoor dogs.

Two days with China

On the national holiday China came to visit us and also her teddy bear coat got a grooming. Before that the obligatory sibling’s running must have happen.

According to the dogshow next day it was neccesary to equip China properly for the evening walk in the rain 🙂

The next day (29/10) both girls were entered at international dogshow in Prague. The poodles were judged by a breed specialist from Belorussia, Ms. Galina Zhuk.

Minion in open class won the fist CAC for the Czech championships, the second CACIB for the international championship and BOS title. Really nice results for only 16 months of age and for still not showing herself as I know she could, but we are working on that.

China in junior class won excellent 1. This time without a title, but I appreciate she spent all the boring day on the dogshow feeling fine and not bored at all.

I had expected exactly contrary results, that confirms my actual life approach that I should stop thinking about things and let them flow…

Both girls made me really happy, they are super fine and cool 🙂 The picture of both of them together will arrive later (finally not only pictures of both girls together arrived, but a lot of other pictures of them alone. I added them to whole the post).

And for the end – one gorgeous portrait of China 🙂

Minion’s got first BOB

Me and Minon have participated a CACIB show at České Budějovice (CZE). The poodles were judged by Ms. Taťjana Novotná (CZE). Minion was entered for the second time in a youth class.

She was moving nicely, winning the class with Ex. 1 and CAJC, having no competitors furthers, she has also won BOJ and BOB. I’m just proud of her. Exactly the same day, but five years ago, Minion’s dad Charlie won his first CACIB and BOB on the same show.

Wonderful pics from Vendy Šlechtová:

We have lots of nice videos from Hana Kašparová from Banzette kennel.

Video from the class:

Video from the junior group IX FCI:

Video from the afternoon poodle fun with Ruddie and Chassis.

We had a nice day spent in a nice companion.

Tony and Minion at Advent clubshow

Tony and Minion met on the last show of this show season – clubshow in Prague (CZ). They’re judged by Mrs. Alena Košťálová. This time both in puppy class.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) in class very promissing 1, in the final competitions best puppy female of the show.

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) had a little bit difficult task – he had competion in class. Finally very promising 2. He is a real stream of energy, when we teach how to work with his energy, he will be great show dog.

Anniversary babies at Anniversary show

Sometimes, things take their own direction despite our plans. Sometimes it is good. I’ve entered Minion to Anniversary club show in Prague, but finally I had a different plan for this Sunday. Two day before the show date I was persuaded to change my mind and participate to support Minion’s brother Tony who was entered, and his owners. Thank to this change of plan Minion’s brought home a big cup and other prizes. Tony was also successfull, both of them received nice critiques.

The baby class was judged by Mrs. Naďa Klírová (CZ), the final competitions by her and Mr. Laurent Heinesche (LUX) and Mr. Jussi Liimatainen (FIN).

Tony (ANNIVERSARY TIN Ambershades) in baby class very promissing 1.

Tony is like a torpedo, he combines a show joy of his dad Charlie and an endless flow of energy of his mom Maja.

Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) in baby class very promissing 1. In the final competiotions Best female of baby class the best hope in show!

Minion definitely showed up her qualities, especially to people she was said to be short and fat of.

Both of them made me very proud and happy. They’ve great characters and are contactive and really happy buddies.