November 2016

There are some news from November.

Me and Minion did a trip to  vycestovali na show trip to Germany.

We got fresh photos from Goldie

… from Woody 

…and also pictures from China

In the end of November Minion had run the last lure coursing training of this year, there is a short video of the finish of the trail.

And finally a picture of our beloved little lover Diamond.

IRAS and NRAS Karlsruhe

We’ve had a very nice trip to Karlsruhe in Germany from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 November 2016 with our friends Vendy and Rudie.

We were accomodated in a pleasant hostel near the Karlsruhe Main Station in the city center border, across the street from the Zoo (where we finally hadn’t had time to come in, but at least we made a nice night pict at the bridge crossing the garden).

The dogshow was held in a very nice Fair Area few kilometers from the city, we’ve appreciated enough space for walking dogs.

On Saturday at the international dogshow (IRAS) the poodles were judged by Ms.  Ute Eberhard. Minion won in open class Ex. 1, CAC DPK, in competition CAC VDH and res. CACIB, with a very nice critique.

On Sunday at the national dogshow (NRAS) the poodles were judged by Ms. Christa Klotz. This time we weren’t as succesful as a day before and Minion got her first Very Good note because of her colour, bul the judge liked her lot in other aspects. I knew the “the very good” will must have take place once 🙂

We’ve had such a nice time on this trip, we had a little bit of adrenaline during our way back home, we are contented with our results and we arrived home completely exhausted 🙂

The photos were taken by me and Vendy, smart phone quality.

October 2016

What were we doing in October?

We attended an international dogshow in Tulln in Austria.

Dog Insemination Seminar

In mid October I had an opportunity to attend a seminar about insemination in dogs. The seminar was composed of two blocks. The first was led by a vet Ms. Prinosilova and dealt with male reproduction and insemination. The second block was led by a vet Mr. Vitasek a dealt about the reproduction and insemination from the femaile point of view. I must say I really appreaciate the knowledge of both speakers who had really deep insight of their issues and this is what is always really fine to listen to.

Autumn arrived

Diamond came for his regular grooming visit, this time after very unregular period. Popular sibling’s garden running with Minion took place.

I took an autumn pic of Tess

…and of Donatello (his resemblance to Asterix’s and Obelix’s dog is just casual 🙂

We also got pictures of China on trip. It it sure that poodles are great outdoor dogs.

Two days with China

On the national holiday China came to visit us and also her teddy bear coat got a grooming. Before that the obligatory sibling’s running must have happen.

According to the dogshow next day it was neccesary to equip China properly for the evening walk in the rain 🙂

The next day (29/10) both girls were entered at international dogshow in Prague. The poodles were judged by a breed specialist from Belorussia, Ms. Galina Zhuk.

Minion in open class won the fist CAC for the Czech championships, the second CACIB for the international championship and BOS title. Really nice results for only 16 months of age and for still not showing herself as I know she could, but we are working on that.

China in junior class won excellent 1. This time without a title, but I appreciate she spent all the boring day on the dogshow feeling fine and not bored at all.

I had expected exactly contrary results, that confirms my actual life approach that I should stop thinking about things and let them flow…

Both girls made me really happy, they are super fine and cool 🙂 The picture of both of them together will arrive later (finally not only pictures of both girls together arrived, but a lot of other pictures of them alone. I added them to whole the post).

And for the end – one gorgeous portrait of China 🙂