Wels in December

We’ve just completed our more than succesful show season in Wels, Austria, on December 2.

This year’s Wels CACIB has seem to be smaller than in the last years to us, but definitely it didn’t matter – more space around the rings, more space in the stall halls 🙂 For me there was a perfect linghtning – warm white light in which Minion has her own colour (doesn’t look like too light).

Minion was entered in the champion class and was excellent! She won Ex. 1, CACA, CACIB, best female and BOB under Ms. Iris Urschitz! I’m very proud that I can announce she became a new Champion of Austria and new interchampion (C. I. B.)! The best end of the show season ever!

Show weekend in Erfurt, Germany

On Friday May 5 we led to German Erfurt for National Show on Sunday and International Show on Saturday together with our friends Ruddie, Choco and Vendy.

We’ve been accomodated 10 minuts driving from the expo hall. The accomodation was very nice, in an extremely calm village. We missed a knive in the kitchent, but there were plenty of wine glasses 🙂

On Saturday there were entered about 2000 dogs in 10. Nationale Rassehunde Ausstellung. We had to wain in half an hour long entrance qeue that was a little bit unpleasand according to arrival “on time”.

On Saturday National dogshow the poodles were judged by a German judge Ms Doris Kühn. Only 49 poodles were entered. Our very nerd barbie girl Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) at 22 months of age got Excellent 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH and BOB and according to translator also very nice critique. In the finals we hadn’t placed. We vere pleased (and surprised) by a ribbon for the BOBs.

On Sunday, there were about 2300 dogs entered and we arrived a little bit earlier than a day before and have parked on better place with a good access even with the cages and no entrance queue. There were entered 80 poodles at Sunday15. Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung and theese were judged by Ms Carmen Fischer from Germany. Minion had another successful day and won Excellent 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH, CACIB and BOB!

Summarized, we had a nice trip and also brought home excellent results. We still have points to improve in our ring presentation, and we are working on them.

Minion in the age of 22 months has 4 big German CACs for the German champion (that is one of the difficult tittles in Europe). We’ve extended her BOB collection to number five and she also has 4 CACIBs. In comparison with her dad’s results we still have a way to go, but probably we never manage to be as successful due to our dogshow-dilatoy attitude 🙂

We had a nice time, the expo hall environment was fine, we appreciated wide selection of food offer – even though we ate a true hungarion langos for two days and theese we the best in my life 🙂

The weather was unexpectedly sunny both days, on Sunday 19 °C when we were leaven the expo. They route back home was a little bit complicated by two closures of the highway near Dresden and Usti nad Labem. But we managed it!

CACIB Nürnberg 2017

We’ve just started a new show season 2017. On Saturday January 7 we made a trip to German Nürnberg for the international dogshow. The poodles were judged by Mr. Tomáš Kučera (CZ). Originaly I was hesitating to enter Minion there, but finally I’m glad I did. The trip to Germany was safe (exceptly 20 degrees under zero), the trip back home was a little bit snowy.

Minion did a perfect job and was moving very nicely. There were a silver competitor in the open class for the CAC DPK.

And a red competitor for the CACIB. ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades, in 19 months in open class won Ex. 1, CAC DPK, CAC VDH, CACIB, Alpensieger and BOB! I’m happy over the moon and still cant believe that 🙂 (the ligthting in the hall was classicaly bad, so normally light Mini looks almost white)

We stayed for the final, but no placement there. Even in the late afternoon Minion showed herself very nicely.

There are some of my findings from the German shows:

  • if the catalogue says the judging ends at three p. m., you can get your papers really after 3 p. m., even if the judging in your ring ends at one p. m.
  • in case you win BOB, it may happen that you receive your papers in the main ring after your group is judged

Minion’s got first BOB

Me and Minon have participated a CACIB show at České Budějovice (CZE). The poodles were judged by Ms. Taťjana Novotná (CZE). Minion was entered for the second time in a youth class.

She was moving nicely, winning the class with Ex. 1 and CAJC, having no competitors furthers, she has also won BOJ and BOB. I’m just proud of her. Exactly the same day, but five years ago, Minion’s dad Charlie won his first CACIB and BOB on the same show.

Wonderful pics from Vendy Šlechtová:

We have lots of nice videos from Hana Kašparová from Banzette kennel.

Video from the class:

Video from the junior group IX FCI:

Video from the afternoon poodle fun with Ruddie and Chassis.

We had a nice day spent in a nice companion.

Nice June 2014

This year is extremely busy for us. Finally, this June we had more time to spend with our dogs.

Club specialty Konopiště June 9th

After one year show break I entered Charlie to small club show near the place we live. I reported it in the spring post. Since the same day Charlie enjoys his terrier clip and lazy country life.

Outi Tenho visit in Prague June 21st

I had great opportunity to spend a Monday afternoon talking and sipping coffee with Outi Tenho and her daughter Rebecca from Old House kennel in Finland. Thank you both for the nice talk and hope to repeat it someday!


The last lesson of the agility course for begginers June 25th

The last Wednesday of June we spent on the last lesson of the agility course. The weather was perfect. This time there were prepared some jumps also for the owners. In the end of the lesson we has a hobby run. This time Maja was very quick and not concentered so we got a lot of  penalty points. Charlie ran – as usually – fine a certain and won the first place! He won other five free agility lessons for us and other nice gifts. We have a couple of videos from the end of the training, so the dogs are tired and unfocused a little. I’m sorry for not having rolled the first runs which were perfect to me.




National dogshow Klatovy June 29th

The last June Sunday I entered Maja to national dogshow in Klatovy (CZ). She was shown after a half year show break and with a lack of hair (eaten by Charlie a month and a half before). Despite of that – she realy had her day, she ran with energie and joy. In competition Maja won BOB!