General prove in Prague 5. 11.

The general prove at international show in Prague wasn’t excellent, just very good…We were a little bit surprised by a judge P. Richard who rewarded us twice excellent before, but not angry at all. We spent nice day with our dear friends both dog and human. An Minion was for me the nicest Barbie dog of the show!

World Dog Show 2017 Leipzig

I was planning to attend this dog show for a long time, but finally decided not to enter due to planned judge. About three days before the last entry deadline there happened a judge change due to the number of the dogs entered. For me it was a sign so I changed our show agenda for the rest of the year and entered Minion…

On Friday November 10 we started our trip for Leipzig very early morning. Realization team Me and Minior and Support team – our Mommy.

In a half a way my Mom asks me:

–  What is the show we are comming like?

– Mom, we are going for the WORLD DOG SHOW…!

– Allrigh, we haven’t been at the world dog show for a while … 😀 😀

About 5 kms before Leipzig it started to rain. We arrived in time so we parked near the hall and we were lucky to move to our place without the rain. Then it was pouring for whole day.

The atmosphere was wonderful…and the stress level just on one tenth as ususal…You usualy go to the world dog show just to show yourselves, not to place…

Minion in very hard competition won the open class fawn/silver bitches (in Germany this colours compete on the class level). For me totally wonderful, incredible…just the best! So officially, ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershadeds Ex. 1, CAC-VDH! Our ring was judged by Ms. Jadranka Mijatovic from Croatia.

Sorry for the pic quality, it was taken by a cracked len of my Moms cell phone (better said, by a bite len by our Diamond)

We walked the expo center area – BTW wery nice spaces – and led way  back home.

We just loades Mini in the car and it started to drip again. We loaded the rest of our baggage in the car and it started to pour. We managed to load everything just in time!

The route way home wasn’t fine at all – the traffic jam at the highway from Leipzig…and in Prague I guess there was a Martian landing at least…but we arrived safely after 4 hours driving..

We celebrated our big success just a little bit on the evening, we made a big muddy walk on the weekend.