Coronation clubshow 2017

On Sunday March 12 me and Minion participated a Coronation clubshow in Prague (CZ). We spent a nice and even long day with our doggie and human friends. The greatest experience from whole day was without doubt a delivered pizza for together lunch. I really don’t understand why I didn’t think of it before 🙂

The clubshow was judged by Ms. Liane Kubbe from Germany from Ahornstreet kennel. I very appreciate when the judge in not “colour blind” and give a chance to modern colours – even if breeds blacks and whites. BTW the best in show winner was a silver standard.

There are few ring pics from Eva Mizerová:

You can see it is possible to show a poodle on a loose lead. Although FCI is last few years “promoting” reasonable showing (free stack and loose lead), the judges are still tolerating dogs being strangled on a show lead in movement)…(very sincerely I admit I also used to show like this before…)

There is a pic of very concentrated blondie

And finally a demonstration that the name of Minion is omen nomen actually (no, she is really not a medium :))

The only glitch is that because of time reasons we didn’t use a hairspray (I wouldn’t be able to bath her after the show).

And what about the results?

ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades in the age of 22 months, in intermediate class was rewarded excellent 1, CAC. In the finals in relatively huge competition (not sure exactly, due to show statistics there should be 8 bitches) Mini placed #3 best standard female of the show that made me really happy 🙂 We made a little progress in Minion’s “nerdness” and moved other step toward happy presentation, she even made few happy jumps 🙂 We manage to show a natural pleasure one day 🙂

And finally a pictures from final placement from Bára Brožková, huge thx! 🙂