Minion in the youth class for the first time

Minion was entered a Prague clubshow on March 13, for the first time in youth class. The poodles were judged by Ms. Petroula – Effrossyni Richard Douma from France.

Minion became excellent 2 with a very nice critique:

Feminine head, small dark eye, compact type, very nice topline, correct tail set and carriage, excellent angullation, coat bit soft, nice apricot colour.

Anniversary babies 9 months old

Our Anniversary babies‘ve celebrated 9 months this week. They’ve grown up quickly in funny long legged big dogs. It’s just a pleasure for me to see all of them developing. I must say big thanks to the owners for the great care and the pictures of course.

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) and Minion (ANNIVERSARY PEARL Ambershades) enjoyed  mud running in our yard. To have more fun, China was – of course – freshly bathed…

Goldie (ANNIVERSARY GOLD Ambershades) doesn’t mind he’s a big dog now and enjoys a lap cudlling.

Woody (ANNIVERSARY WOOD Ambershades) has sent us two nice portraits and on picture from resting after having shower.

And finally some pictures from Diamond. He’s just a handsome boy. If we manage to grow up some coat on him, I would like to show him.