December 2016

In December our “puppies” from the Anniversary litter have celebrated 18 months of life and it means they’re adult in accordance with the Czech breeding regulations. But they will probably need some more time to get truly matured 🙂

On that ocassion, Woody‘s sent us some new pictures (together with his friend Zorba, running on the walk and his favourite position for having rest).

In mid December our Tess has celebrated 8th birthday and became a first veteran in our pack. We wished her a lot of health and many other years together.

And on 18 December sisters China a Minion met on an Advent Club show.

China got in the intermediate class Ex. 1 and a club CC. In the afternoon she was first in the competition Child and dog with her little ownerlady.

Minion got in competition in the open class Ex. 1 and club CC.

The weather outside was really bad, so we had no chance to have a walk and also the time for the indoor play was very short…