Our three standard poodle boys Echo, Endy, and Turbo, born on October 8, 2023, are still looking for the best owners. They are socialized for household living, well-trained for hygiene outside, leash training and car rides in progress. And above all, they are properly pampered. We are mainly looking for forever loving homes for each of them. Interest in further dog activities is welcomed but not a requirement. Information about litter C (parents, pedigree, siblings, etc.). General information if you want to buy a puppy from us.

Echo (Cosmic Echo Ambershades) – brown collar

He’s a fearless naugty boy. A torpedo that dives headfirst into everything. Still, a big sweetheart 🥰 Sociable, affectionate, and lively. Enjoys coming up with pranks, not a fan of standing still. Future owners should keep his mind busy with various activities. Currently, we are training with a leash and he might enjoy canicross, but anything else could catch his interest too 😊 He’s interested in food and treats; he would do anything for them.

Endy (Cosmic Encounter Ambershades) – grey collar

Endy is my favourite pup. He is a little copy of his dad, Matýsek. He’s a very affectionate boy with a calm nature. At certain moments, he can be a bit stubborn, but he can be easily persuaded. Externally promising for potential enthusiasts interested in shows and breeding 🐩🥰

Turbo (Cosmic Drive Ambershades) – turquoise collar

A very calm dog, affectionate. In his 12 weeks, he is incredibly cooperative during bathing, blow-drying, shaving, and trimming. He thinks about things. An undeniable advantage is his interest in food, which quickly makes him stop worrying about unknown or stressful things he encounters. He will be a great family pet. 🥰