Our Spring

For a while it looked like the spring is not comming this year, but it’s finally here and even with a summer temperature!

Minion in Miami clip

In March, our Minion got an alpaca clip. She was a little bit angry, but she understood the pros of this short trim during the first bathing and brushing very quickly.

This year we focused our activity mainly for walks and jogging. Minion is recovering from an injury, so we probably won’t attend agility or coursing for some time.

I would like to say my big thanks to my best friend Veronika (website) for being my friend and for being able to provide first aid always when it’s necessary.

I’m also grateful to Dorn and osteodynamics therapeutist Aja (website) Dunová, who find time to help Mini despite her full schedule.

Exchange stay

We made an exchange stay in between our two homes. I’ve had both spoo girls for two weeks period in home…

…and then fourteen days we stayed with our spoo boy Charlie.

Finally, all of us enjoyed this change and we plan to make it more often in the future, not only for the girls heat period.