My diploma thesis was about food allergy in dogs generally and there are also statistics about poodle breed inside. Big thanks to everybody for filling out the survey that provided the data for this thesis. The full thesis is under a link below (Czech language only).


The food hypersensitivity incidence in populations of dogs is one of current issues but it is underestimated compared to the other issues such as hip dysplasia or GDV. The immunemediated adverse food reactions should be in focus of dog breeder’s attention because there is a possibility of heritability, although the current studies haven’t confirmed it yet. However, there had been reported higher incidence in some breeds. The diploma thesis “Food intolerance and allergy in dogs” reviews actual available scientific knowledge published by authors studying this issue, mainly practically. The thesis elaborates a questionnaire survey with the sample of 240 respondents of which 107 reported an experience with food intolerance or allergy. These were questioned further and the obtained data were elaborated in graphs based on surveyed facts of breeds, usage of dogs, age, type of a diet or the potential allergens contained in the diet. The survey showed relatively equilibrated incidence considering the sex and the pedigree in the sample, half of the sample dogs showed multiple usage (sport, show, work, etc.). The average age of the first appearance of the symptoms was 22.6 months. The symptoms were present in combination rather than alone. The most common reported potential allergen was chicken meat (45 %) and wheat (36 %). The most common treatment was a diet change (68 %). In majority of cases (87%), the modifications were required lifelong and lead to disappearance of the first hypersensitivity symptoms within 11.3 weeks after the diet change. A suitable part of data was analyzed by χ 2 test to identify possibly statistically important relationship between the hypersensitivity incidence and a breed, sex or the pedigree. In agreement with other reviewed authors, no similarity was detected.

Full diploma thesis to download.