In February I had a great opportunity to participate a Grooming seminar and workshop with Anders Rosell from Avatar Poodles in Sweden. The seminar was organised by a friend of mine – Yvonne Verman.

The course was held in Prague for two days. The first day was a theorethical seminar, Anders was talking about general coat care in a wider context, about second puppy clip and the most common mistakes people make while scisorring and shaping it, about equilibration of the dog, about the movement. I can really apreciate Anders was able to explain reasons why do it this way and not that way. Finally Anders showed us practically a grooming in the second puppy.


The second day all of us came with our dogs – or “hairy monsters” for Anders (we had been preparing for the seminar no grooming for few weeks :)).

I would like to say big thanks to Anders for his attitude, for his excellent advices and for changing completedly my point of view at grooming. Also for showing me where I should build the volume and where not, to have a dog equlibrated and not heavy. I also send my thanks to all the participants for spending nice and funny two days, and finaly to Maja who was my model and did it great!