UPDATE 2024/02/10 Endy found a new home

Turbo has gone to a new home, so now we have the last boy waiting for his best family – Endy. He was born October 8th 2023, socialized for household living, well-trained for outdoor walks; leash training, and car rides in progress. Above all, he is properly spoiled. We are looking for a forever and loving home. Interest in further dog activities is welcome but not a requirement. With proper guidance, Endy has the exterior potential for shows and breeding. Information about litter C (parents, pedigree, siblings, etc.). General information for prospective adopters.

Endy (Cosmic Encounter Ambershades) – gray collar boy

Endy is my sweetheart. He is a small copy of his dad Matýsek. He is a very affectionate boy with a calm nature. He considers things around him thoughtfully. At certain moments, he can be a bit stubborn, but he can be quickly persuaded with positive training methods. Exterior-wise, he shows promise for potential interest in shows and breeding 🐩🥰