All our cosmic puppies are already living in their new homes. I would like to sincerely thank the new owners for their care.

I hope and firmly believe that I’ve had lucky hands and chose the best owners once again 🙏 I would also like to thank everyone who supported us, helped to share, or provided good references ❤️ Thank you 😘

Cézar (🪐 Cosmic Stardust Ambershades)

Lives with his owner and a little silver brother, enjoying the attention and care of the extended family.

Gin (🪐 Cosmic Echo Ambershades)

Also has a smaller apricot brother and a big and small ownerladies, with whom he enjoys practicing new tricks and, of course, cuddling.

Vali (🪐 Cosmic Nebula Ambershades)

Is an immensely loved only dog. Has a great taste in toys, personally choosing them from the store.

Chilli (🪐 Cosmic Blaze Ambershades)

Has an older black sister and the best friend Mia, with whom they love to chase each other at cosmic speed. Spends a lot of time with the owners after outings.

Rýša (🪐 Cosmic Encounter Ambershades)

Is also a beloved only dog in a large family, where he quickly fit (in according to photos from the owner’s occupied bed).

Hugo (🪐 Cosmic Spark Ambershades)

Hugo is the only, cared, and beloved dog of his owners. Occasionally visits us to show off his fur.

Fiona (🪐 Cosmic Infinity Ambershades)

Fiona stayed with us. She’s a small blond troublemaker.

Turbo (🪐 Cosmic Drive Ambershades)

Is also a beloved only dog of his owners, but in an extended family, he has other furry friends.