February snow

We we lucky we could enjoy the snow to the mid-February.

Girls in action

We are practicing balance excersize from 3 to 5 times a week. When I open the door to the dog gym, all the dogs are quickly in and start to bark they want to practice. I also try to train with Donatello, but he’s a special case 🙂

Jerry’s grooming

I must admit Jerry is very handsome boy. I anybody volunteered to wash and dry him instead of me, I wouldn’t object to it 🙂

Spulka watch tower

After a thousand years at leas, we met with my very dear friend Vendy and her Rudie (who’s in love with Minion for years). We spent a wonderful time on trip to Spulka. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a lot of sun, temperature above 10 degrees a also the snow!

This brooche is made of “trash” – more precisely from recycled electronic components. It was a gift from Vendy and its truly amazing.

Donatello “9”

On Saturday 27 our spotty Donatello celebrated the 9th birthday. As usually, he took it easy 😀