February 2019

February snow

We we lucky we could enjoy the snow to the mid-February.

Girls in action

We are practicing balance excersize from 3 to 5 times a week. When I open the door to the dog gym, all the dogs are quickly in and start to bark they want to practice. I also try to train with Donatello, but he’s a special case 🙂

Jerry’s grooming

I must admit Jerry is very handsome boy. I anybody volunteered to wash and dry him instead of me, I wouldn’t object to it 🙂

Spulka watch tower

After a thousand years at leas, we met with my very dear friend Vendy and her Rudie (who’s in love with Minion for years). We spent a wonderful time on trip to Spulka. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a lot of sun, temperature above 10 degrees a also the snow!

This brooche is made of “trash” – more precisely from recycled electronic components. It was a gift from Vendy and its truly amazing.

Donatello “9”

On Saturday 27 our spotty Donatello celebrated the 9th birthday. As usually, he took it easy 😀

January 2019

This January was a little bit less active for us from what we’ve planned. But finally it was funny and mostly white 🙂


We’ve extended the dog gym equipment with some new gadgets. We’re strenghtening the body core, the knees…and we’re tiring the dog brains 🙂 You should see how tired they are after few minutes of thinking and ballancing. For me an ideal activity to supplement winter short days.


At the beginning of January I’ve accompanied Jerry’s bro Hurma and his ownerladies to the airport on their way back home to Finland.

Tessie got a new dog bed in her micro size. Sometimes also Minion tries to get in 🙂 BTW we also have huge dog beds at home, but they’re probably not very IN.

The days started to be longer a little, despite that we mostly made dark walks. I’m glad we bought the illuminated collars.

Due to holidays and because of I was ill our grooming interval got too long and finally I didn’t know where to start. So I started with Jerry. Truly amazing dog <3.


And one more show animation