You might have noticed it before. Our mostly veteran dog pack has a new addition – Jerry. It wasn’t easy at all with the name. I tried hardly to invent something nice before he came, but I won’t be able and otherwise, I wanted my Mom as his future owner decides about the name herself. So the first week with us we were still calling him “Puppy”. Then my Mom chose the name Jerry for him. You probably have read about Jerry’s first flight. Bellow you can find out Jerry’s other first time experiences.

Jerry’s first time with the new ownerlady

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to keep Jerry in secret from my Mom for almost two months. And I almost leapt various times and always realized it in the middle of the sentence and stopped. She might have suspected that she would get a puppy for her fiftieth birthday, but she would never imagine to get a Finnish boy with such long ears 🙂

First pack dogwalk

First new toys

Because there must be some treat for a vaccination, you know 🙂

First grooming at home

Not easy at all…it took us 3/4 hour to shave the face 🙂

The first swimming in the pool

Unintentionaly, of course…Jerry was for the first time speechless…but only for a while 🙂