Trip to Finland

In the second week of May I made a trip to Finland. I was really looking forward. I brought home a plenty of new experiences from this Land of thousand lakes, and also one very secret birthday parcel.

For the three days I was staying near Helsinki, in the southern Finland. I was happy to be a guest of a very dear friend of mine – Outi from the Old House kennel.

On the arrival day, after a short search of each other at the Vanta airport, we moved a few kilometers of Helsinki to a town Lohja. There our secret birthday gift for my Mum was waiting for us in Agidream’s.

After spending nice time in the kennel, we walked the the Lohja center seeing an old stone church and a memorial…

…we had dinner in the local bistro and continued walking to the near lake, where the sun was setting. A really romantic scenery to me!

On the next day, we left the car near the Espoo rail station and rode a train to the Helsinki Main station which is settled in a nice historical building.

In Finland you can find almost all the geographical signs also in Swedish. I really didn’t know before.

From the Main rail station we moved walking the center towards the sea.

We passed around the Swedish theatre and walked down the most famous boulevard of Helsinki – Park Esplanadi.

…then we met a famous fountain Havis Amanda, which is famous for being washed by the students during the first of May celebrations. The we arrived to the port, to the Market square Kauppatori.

In the port there were market stalls with all the gorgeous elk stuff (due to luggage space I brought only elk fridge magnets :)) and a plenty of fantastic smelling Finnish food. I’ve tasted a traditional salmon soup and later also a cofee with a traditional Finnish bun with cinnamon and cardamon.

In the port we also visited an Old Market Hall building, a place with great magic.

From the port you can perfectly see a Presidential palace, Helsinki Cityhall Helsingin kaupunginvaltuusto or the biggest orthodox cathedral in the western Europe Uspenskin Katedraali.

From the port you can take a ferry to the Helsinki zoo that is settled on an island Korkeasaari. This zoo is one of the oldest in the Europe.

From the port we walked to the Senate square towards the big white evangelical cathedral Tuomiokirkko. On the left site from the church is the main building of University of Helsinki, on the right side is the Government Palace. We visited a Helsinki City museum just opposite the cathedral. I really must say that the exposition was very nicely concepted – modern and interactive. In the superior floor was Helsinki clubbing history from about the 90s

Lower there was an expo of the Helsinki history and a little bit next an expo focused on children in different time epochas – children’s rooms from different historical periods, scool stuff, clothing, toys, etc. In the ground floor there was a time machine where you could put the 3D glasses on and visit Helsinki flyby time.

Then we walked back through the city center to a famous statue of the Three Blacksmithes, we passed around and old Helsinki university club to a more modern part of the city where, on the  Plaza Narinkka, is a modern wooden Chappel of Silence Kamppi.

Then we wallked around the Parliament house, a riding Mannerheim Statue and a museum of the modern art Kiasma back to the train for Espoo.

In Espoo we had a vet appointment with our puppy to have the clinical check before the plane and get the passport.

Later in the evening, we were having just having rest after a long day for us and the puppy (and of course tasting some other fantastic Finnish food…)

On Wednesday, the departure day, we made a trip for a walk in the national part for have the puppy tired to survive the time in the airport and the flight back home. The Finnish nature is absolutely amazing. In the national park there is plenty of pathways and a special places for BBQ.

On the airport, they weighted the puppy with the crate and we moved for waiting for the departure. Our flight to Prague was one hour delayed, but thankfully we managed the waiting just fine 🙂

The crate size limits for the board are strictly defined. I bought the one with the maximum size possible. On board I understood the limits as I had absolutely no space for the legs…

The first half of the flight the puppy didn’t seemed any comfortable, but about 20 minutes before the plane started to land he dealt with the plane and wanted to play 🙂

I can say that the puppy was untouched by the flight. While we were waiting for the luggage in Prague, he drinked and ate some of the biscuits. Then we continued towards the parking for the car and back home.

The delayed flight complicated a little bit our plan, because the puppy as the birthday gift was is true secret to Mom and we had a schedule to meet at home. I and the puppy flown about 1400 from Finland and my parents were driving 800 kms for their holidays by the sea. My brother had to delay them a little bit on their route back home. Finally, the plan went perfect, I and the puppy arrived home about 45 minutes before parents, so the puppy had time to be introduced to Maja and Charlie.

It took about two and a half minute to the puppy to understand he is in his final loving home and started to play. He managed to be awake for incredibly 4 hours in a row and be all the time in movement!

And here, you can see finally the birthday surprise – love on the first sight 🙂

I’m still being amazed by Finland and I’m realy grateful to both Outi and Yael to make this trip possible. Looking forward to see you next time, maybe here in the Czech republic or somewhere else 🙂