Our babies from the Anniversary litter’ve celebrated their 1st birthday on 9/6. All of them are great dogs of lovely characters. I’m pleased every time I receive some news from their homes. I wish them a lot of  happy and healthy years and happy lives.

China, Minion and Diamond have had their first birhday party together.

We’ve received a regular dose of pictures from Woody, equally as a detailed report of what he was doing last month. I’m always so pleased to read the news from Woody, thank you for them.

We have also received some new pics from Goldie. He has a little bit naughty period because of age, but he will be a great dog when he matures.

Minion just few days after the first birthaday starred at National dogshow in Klatovy. In the junior class she won the last CAJC needed for the Czech Junior Champion title and finally also got BOJ and BOB. I just love her. Now we have some show break till the autumn. Minon was accompained by her sis China.