A litter 7 weeks

The puppies are 7 weeks old today. During the last week all of them took a bath and a little grooming. They are gorgeous all of them, every day discovering the new big world.

At the moment there are 2 boys available (Ruby and Diamond) and one girl (China).

A litter 6 weeks

The puppies will be 6 weeks old soon. Last weekend they got shaved and their furs groomed a little. Three boys (Ruby, Diamond and Goldie) are still waiting for forever loving homes. More about them here.

A – five weeks old

The puppies were five weeks old. They’re pretty vivid and they’re lasting longer and longer doing mischief. Every puppy is microchipped now and has its pet passport.

Our weekend plan in possibli some bigger fur grooming a and outside stay, if the wather allows.

There are some home videos.

Table photoshooting

We managed to take some table pics of the pups. It’s quite a difficult job to photoshoot puppies that are instantly moving unpredicable directions and don’t want to stay quiet for a while. From the pohotoshooting a 95 % of pics are bad or blur. There are some photos we choose as “better” ones.

4 weeks old

The puppies were one month old and got their first shave. They turned in 8 nice poodles :). Read more about standard poodle puppies on litter A page.