March 2019

Family Darts Tournament

We made a family darts tournament in our small family pub. If I say ‘family’, I mean all the family members attended 😀 Just notice Donatello’s hard Sunday morning on the last picture.

I’ve always had some moral blocks with transporting my dogs in the pickup and never tried before. Finally it’s evident the dogs really don’t matter.

Excerising, excersizing

We’re ….excersizing….and excersizing. Even Mr. Donatello excersizes. I’m really loking forward to longer days when we would be able to stay outside longer time…and we would excersize less. The girls probably won’t like that, but I think I’m not doing anything else but excersizing for the last nine months and I would be glad for some break.

We’ve found a shiba

Or the shiba found us? Whatever, the good new is that the owners appeared on the second day and we still have “only” six dogs.

New photos from Woody

We got some nice photos from Woody from A litter. Thank you 🙂

Whole dog pack together

On the third March weekeng we’ve had all our six dogs at home.

I tried to make a spring family picture, but they didn’t have time for me. From the left: Maja (mom), Minion (daughter), Charlie (dad).

Jerry got a fresh hairdo, nic boy again 🙂

Despite our small house is really not made for this amount of dogs together, we enjoyed the weekend a lot 🙂