Letter from China 😊 for her sister

China (ANNIVERSARY CHINA Ambershades) sent a letter for our Minion <3

Hello Minion, how do you do? I’ve heard you’d had a surgery. I hope your knee is recovering well. What did you do? I’m fortunately healthy, but I’m mostly walked on lead by my both big owners as I’m able to eat everything I find  outside and then I don’t usually feel the best…

As a greeting I send you my show pictures. I’m just joking, I’m a hairy monster, so my ownerlady had to cut my excess hair before planned bathing and grooming just for just making that quicker. I’m still not being such a good friend with the dryer. Sometimes I still bark on the hoover, but very rarely now 😊.

And there are few pics after “aunt” Tereza grommed me. Don’t I look fabulous?

In May, me made a superb trip to Jachymov. It was pretty hot, but due to it they let me to taste some mountain streams. A little bit cold, but very tasty water. We walked in the forest,  for a watchtower and on the pathways to Bozi Dar. We had really nice time there.

We went to see some strange ponds. The ownerlady said that these are the tanks for snow cannons. I didn’t understand what she means, but there was a very tempting duck in the water. I would like to jump to the water and play with it, but I wasn’t allowed.

Despite we visited a pastry shop in Ostrov, they didn’t let me to order any piece of cake or just an ice cream. They told me that it is not good for dogs. Finnaly, the good point of this trip was that dogs were allowed to visit a pallace park…

Our last trip in Jachymov was an anabase. In 40 minutes we climbed about a kilometer long route to Gorila Rock with 200 meter of cant. My big owners said it was very nice view from there, but I didn’t appreciate it. The climbing uphill was interesting for me – lots of  twigs, spruces…and ticks. The route downhill was more interesting either. The two-leg company was sliding all the time. I don’t understand why we had to climb there, but in the end it was funny, when some people of my pack slided down over their butts 😊.

Highways and byways

On the top

Do we really go downhill this way? Ok, it will be funny.

I usualy don’t use a lift this way, somebody might went crazy😊.

When it’s hot outsite, I usualy look like this. It’s pitty it’s too hot for dog scootering.

And Minion replies:

Hey China!

I’m glad for your letter. I even thank you for the pictures. I’m mostly closed home last days 🙁 so I’m happy to travel  at least virtualy with your pics.

Well, I didn’t really do anything wrong, I just sliced a little by while walking outside and then started to limp a little bit. I didn’t mind, I had no problem running on the 3 spare legs, I even managed to hunt a chicken…But my ownerlady said me one day something about cruciate ligament rupture and that I have to go for the surgery. One afternoon I woke up with a funnel on my head, shaved leg and since then I’m going outside only on lead, exactly like you 🙁

Your trim is fine, I got lately Miami clip again. I was said it’s because of the shaven leg, but I’m suspicious that my ownerlady is just in love with this kind of clip and due to the surgery she doesn’t need to explain home why she groomed me like this…

I also like the ponds, last summer I learned to swim in Balaton. On the rehab, the vet said swimming will be also a part of my convalescence. I also would like to play with a duck :), but I will have to do it “secretely” otherwise my owners will not let me…

BTW I also know to use a lift, I use it while I’m going to our Grandma who takes care of me in days I have vet checks or rehabs. And my owners carry me like you last days frequently, I can’t climb stairs or jump anywhere.

So, thank you once again for the letter and let me know about your new trips.

Have nice time

Your sis Mini

PS: also our Mom Maja sends best wishes