Agricultural Expo

We couldn’t choose a worse weather for visiting this open air exposition. I was joking we can compete with a storm hunters, because we met torrential rains and hail. So we saw mostly the indoor expositions. Desgracially, we didn’t see shepperd dog work and sheep groming exhibition.

We were waiting for rain to stop to be able to move to other exhibition…

Donatello was cold and was hiding below Minion where he had a little bit of warm…

Pieniny national park

We made a mountain hike and then a hike by a trail around valley of Dunajec River.

All the dogs were brave and tired enough, I had to do a Dorn therapy to Tess the next day. Donatello and Tess are pictured in the finish of the trip, they fell asleep on the bank next to fastfood…

Balaton lake not with a dog?

We’ve visited Hungaria few times before, but we were just suprised how Balaton area is dog-unfriendly. The dogs are not allowed in the beaches and mostly also to the promenades, bathing them is fined. The accommodation with a dog is quite a problem, in the restaurant is wasn’t as bad.

God bless the Dog Beach in Fonyód. Wonderful fenced place, where can bath calmly dogs and their owners together. One day for three dogs and two adult cost about 3€.

There was so hot that even our ‘smalls’ cooled down .

The lake was wonderful, for me very comparable with a sea (just the water is not salt :), the waves were just like in Croatia. The beaches are grassy. In the southern part of Balaton there is very shalow entrance to the water with a find sand. When Minion discover it, she was jumping like antelope on the four legs for fifty meters from the bank having a super fun 😀

We had nice time, nice weather, nice experiences during our hikes and trips.