Christmas holidays

This year we spent our Christmas holiday in our family house in Bohemian Forest Mountains. Pictures from behind the house walk.


Trip to amazing view from hill with an Angel Chappel in Susice town.

We are back in the “crime scene” – at Kasperk castle. There me and my husband met more than 15 years ago and spent there few very nice summers and winters working. Right now our cousin in a main warden of the castle so we have more reasons to trip here more often.

We were lucky to plan our trips in Bohemian Mountains to places where almost nobody was tripping. The girls could run on their own most of the time.

Amalie’s valley near our parents house.


A longer trip from Srni, Sedlo dam to Klostermann’s view to Boheamian mountains and back.

On last day of 2020 we drove back home with a stop in Pilsen and visited our dear friends and Alex, a father of our Bright litter. We made together nice trip to Radyne castle.


The beginning of new year wasn’t easy for us as we lost unexpectedly our little Tess. We spent together wonderfull almost 12 years of life and she will be always in our hears. For a long time we’ve been talking about having some bigger landscape picture above our bed in bedroom. Now there’s Tess’ portrait and she’s wathing over us.


And then it started to snow and carried on and carried on. There are pictures from a walk in a huge snowstorm, despite it doesn’t look like this on the pics.

Růženka groomed

Very brave mr. Donatello and a mass of snow even higher than he is

Mařenka a Minion after grooming

And it continued snowing and snowing

A family dog walking together with a cockespaniel Ben “adopted” temporatily by my mom for walks, as his ownerlady works at hospital emergency and due to actual epidemic situation she spends there almost all the daytime last days.

And the snow melted a little bit, but still having fun outside