We did an interesting experiment as a semestral work for the subject Biomechanics in the University I attend. We examined mechanical properties of dog hair. We examined various samples of various breeds. Of course we had also a sample of poodle hair.

We microscoped all the samples and did a photo of all of them. Then we measured them. Subsequently we tested their mechanical properties in a special device, which tested their elastic and strength limits.

Is the poodle hair different from the other samples?

Yes, it it. The poodle hair sample had the smallest diameter of all the samples, only 18,6 µm. The average diameter of all the samples was 101, 25 µm, the largest hair diameter was measured in the german shepherd sample (119,85 µm).


chlup pudla

German shepherd:


What a difference 🙂

The results of the mechanical testing was also interesting. The elastic limit of the poodle hair is about 200 % compared to the average 79 % of the set. The strength limit of the poodle hair was 20 % (the set average was 17 %).

What it means? Poodle hair is extremely elastic, it may be elongated a lot before it deforms. They are also strong, it takes a while before it breaks.